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Prepaid mall one of the most successful distribution channels for consumer prepaid cards

January 12th, 2010

Global Information would like to present a new market research report, "Consumer Prepaid Distribution Strategies, And The "Malling" Of Prepaid" by Mercator Advisory Group.

The report introduces a new analysis of data from Mercator s 2009 Primary Data Series, which collected survey data from 1,012 adults on a variety of payment topics, including prepaid as well as credit, loyalty, mobile payments, and payment security topics. Our analysis identifies four broad segments of prepaid card shoppers, and their propensity to use in-store prepaid malls versus other modalities.

Highlights of the report include the following:

  • Consumer prepaid card issuers and their retail partners use seven main distribution channels to support card sales.
  • Mercator s survey data from May/June 2009 documents a wide range of consumer behaviors in using prepaid distribution channels, and four distinct prepaid shopper segments based on reported shopping behavior and preferences.
  • In-store "prepaid malls" have become a major distribution channel in their own right, with an estimated $16.4 billion in prepaid card load in 2008.
  • Mercator has developed first-time estimates of the 2008 load volumes of the 13 prepaid segments currently distributed through prepaid malls.
  • Prepaid mall volumes are likely to grow thanks to the presence of fast-growing categories like open money and open gift cards.

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