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Google Buzz: the "killer" of all social networking platforms?

March 12th, 2010

Global Information would like to present a new market research report, "Google Buzz" by Mind Commerce Publishing LLC.

Google, Inc., on February 9, 2010, announced its plans to launch Google Buzz, which will be a new service to its existing Gmail service that would enable users additional social networking functionality. Google Buzz was hyped as a "Killer" of more-established social networking platforms as it will provide functionality in various ways similar to that of Twitter, Facebook, and other web-based services. In fact, within the first five days of its introduction, Googles Buzz service saw more than 9 million Buzzes. If services like Facebook and Twitter already exist, why would people use Google Buzz?

This report takes a "big picture", top-down approach and addresses questions like:

  • Is Google Buzz something that individuals can risk not investigating?
  • How does Google Buzz work?
  • What is Googles incentive for creating Buzz?
  • How does Google plan to capitalize on Buzz for its revenue model?
  • What are the types of Social Networking? How does Google Buzz differ from the other already-established social networking platforms?
  • What are the privacy concerns surrounding Google Buzz?
  • How does Google Buzz affect a companys social media strategy?
  • What does Google have in store for the future?

Mind Commerces report should interest those individuals who want to understand and evaluate the significance of Goggle Buzz within the Social Media/Networking space, which includes social media planners, strategic advertising professionals, marketing decision-makers, and others.

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