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Mobile network operators (MNOs) a lead player in raising economic activity and living standards

March 1st, 2010

Global Information would like to present a new market research report, "Mobile Broadband: Learning from Emerging Markets" by Mobile Market Development Ltd.

The internet has been identified by regulatory authorities and central governments as a central driver for growth and economic development. As a result, these groups are actively promoting internet access to all sectors of society. Mobile broadband can play a key role in increasing internet access and use, while helping to enrich rural communities and those outside the national elite groups that may have already adopted solutions. In other words, by having delivered a massive positive impact with voice services to the general population, mobile network operators are "once again a lead player in raising the general level of economic activity and living standards in these markets." For example, low-wage, migrant workers may pay relatively high prices in internet cafes to simply access their e-mail and/or job networking websites, mobile internet solutions offered by MNOs provide a more cost-effective answer in such cases.

Currently, mobile broadband propositions are being developed in emerging markets to help extend the economic benefits of internet use to new portions of the population that otherwise would not be able to afford access due to barriers affecting service uptake and lack of infrastructure.

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