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Mobile Broadband Market Growing at Unprecedented Levels Due to HSPA and 4G Networks

June 14th, 2010

Global Information Inc. is pleased to present a new market research report, "Mobile Broadband - The Scope for Market Share Gains" by Mobile Market Development Ltd.

According to a new report from Mobile Market Development, "The rapid expansion of HSPA and 4G networks in combination with the wide availability of suitable devices is driving mobile broadband growth at unprecedented levels..." Growth in this segment is helping to offset losses from voice communication services. However, mobile broadband is more than a simple solution to minimize the impact of negative growth in the mobile voice market. In fact, it can provide several opportunities for market share gains with appropriate marketing. Market share gains can potentially help reposition operators in the mobile and multi-play markets. According to the report, "a badly formulated strategy, by contrast, could lead to loss of share and revenues that could, ultimately, threaten operator viability."

This report contains insightful recommendations for mobile network operators (MNOs) seeking to design appropriate mobile broadband propositions. The report focuses on three distinct service areas in its analysis of the distinct opportunities for gaining market share:

  1. Fixed to mobile substitute service supporting large-screen devices
  2. Services offered in combination with smartphones and smartphone applications
  3. Complementary services supporting large-screen devices

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