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Video Monitoring and Analyzers Market Posted $166 Million in Total Revenues for 2009

May 6th, 2010

Global Information, Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Video QoS Monitoring with DPI and DCI: Global Market Size & Vendor Ranking" by SNL Financial LC.

According to a new study from MRG, Inc. "the total revenues for video monitoring and analyzers was US$166 million in 2009. Although the market may seem small, there is rapid growth. From 2007, the market has grown about 130% (CAGR 51.9%) in just three years."

North America and Europe expected to exhibit fastest growth for video monitoring and analyzer vendors and operators

Video monitoring and analyzer operators are preparing for the challenges ahead from traditional Pay TV and Over-the-Top (OTT) competitors. According to Jose Alvear, MRG Analyst: "As the competition between Cable, TecoTV and OTT heats up in various markets around the world, it is becoming imperative to have video monitoring strategy... Many Operators already understand that there is a cost to poor Quality-of-Experience and that monitoring tools are critical to a successful Pay-TV implementation." Probes and monitors are projected to display high-growth potential in the area of consumer QOS (Quality-of-Service) and QoE (Quality-of-Experience). Video probes and monitors will also play a significant role in helping operators manage their IPTV (Internet Protocol television) networks more effectively.

In this report:

  • Overview of the market size, drivers, budgets, growth patterns and future changes facing the video monitoring and analyzer market for TelcoTV, Cable, Satellite and Terrestrial Broadcasting systems.
  • Breaks down market between video monitoring probes and analyzers
  • Interviews with Vendors and Service Providers with questions relating to market drivers for video monitoring.

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