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Cables and Insulators Development is Imperative for Meeting New Demands of Smart Grid Technology

April 12th, 2010

Global Information, Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Markets for Smart Grid Cables and Insulators: 2010 to 2017" by NanoMarkets.

According to NanoMarkets, "massive capital expenditures that are expected to be made on the Smart Grid in the next decade will create unparalleled opportunities for manufacturers of advanced materials and specialized power devices and cables." Over the next ten years, the development of new types of cable, power electronics, cable insulators, cable dielectrics, and energy storage devices will play a crucial role for meeting the range of expectations associated with Smart Grid applications and technologies. Moreover, Smart Grids will utilize a variety of new materials, such as superconductors, carbon nanotubes, and gallium nitride. These advanced materials will promote new grid architectures in addition to enhancing power system control and reliability, reducing costs, and improving power quality and equipment lifespan. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of manufacturer opportunities in the advanced materials, cables and power devices industry. Nanomarkets examines how the market will be affected by the influx of Smart Grids over an eight-year forecast period.

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