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OLED and ITO: Tension Rising or Emerging Compatibility?

November 19th, 2010

Global Information, Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Transparent Conductor Markets in the OLED Industry - 2011 and Beyond" by NanoMarkets.

Among the proponents of ITO alternatives in development, OLED lighting has been particularly notable within the strong OLED sector. The rise of new alternatives has enabled firms in the business of supplying ITO alternatives to "turn the OLED space into a test-bed for their products". Analysts expect OLEDs to be one of the fastest growing markets for transparent conductors. Moreover, after years of being confined to small passive matrix (PM) displays, OLED technology is now taking the lighting scene by storm.

The encouraging environment inherent to the LCD display business is balanced by the fact that the OLED industry may be more open than other places that ITO is sold; however, for the time being it uses primarily ITO. Could it be that the two separate sectors, OLED and ITO, could be perceived as compatible complements rather than as competitors? According to NanoMarkets, the ITO alternative suppliers should be encouraged by the psychology of this market, not by its current realities. It is not difficult to understand the initial widespread use of ITO in the LCD display industry considering ITO is not only high-performing, but it is also widely available. Furthermore, ITO allows for faster commercialization compared to alternatives that require less readily available material.

Hence, providers of OLED alternatives must question themselves as to whether non-ITO transparent conductors are capable of making considerable inroads in the respective sector? NanoMarkets believes that over the next few years, "some segments of the OLED industry have the potential to generate enough revenues for suppliers of ITO alternatives to take notice. This will be especially true for smaller firms that have been looking for proofs of concept... often relying on government contracts rather than industrial sales".

The new report, "Transparent Conductor Markets in the OLED Industry - 2011 and Beyond" contains:

  • Analysis and discussion on each of the competing forms of transparent conductors as they relate to OLED lighting and OLED displays.
  • Identifies which types of OLED products will continue to use ITO and which will shift to alternative transparent conductors.
  • Examines OLED lighting and OLED display markets to recognize the specific needs of each device class in terms of transparent conductors.

8-year forecast of transparent conductor markets for OLED lighting and display applications also included

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