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OLED Lighting Market Showing First Signs of Commercialization

April 9th, 2010

Global Information, Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "An Opportunity Analysis for OLED Lighting: 2009 to 2016" by NanoMarkets.

In the three years of tracking and covering the emerging OLED lighting market, Nanomarkets is reporting that they are seeing the first signs of commercialization. According to Nanomarkets, "Among the many segments of the organic and printed electronics market, we believe OLED lighting is especially exciting because there may be more of a compelling business case for OLED technology as a lighting technology than as a display technology." Moreover, OLED lighting will continue to receive extensive funding from private and government sources because the sector is classified as "energy efficient" lighting technology.

Included in this report:

  • Up-to-date analysis of OLED lighting market
  • How will OLED lighting market and productization evolve?
  • Comparison of OLED lighting with other solid-state and energy-efficient lighting technologies
  • Discussion of technical progress in the lighting technology field since 2008
  • Latest developments in lighting technology manufacturing and materials
  • OLED research and development (R&D) programs across the globe
  • Information on product and market strategies of key players

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