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Digital signage market emerges stronger than ever from global economic downturn

March 24th, 2010

Global Information would like to present a new market research report, "Global Market for Digital Signage, 2nd Edition" by Northern Sky Research, LLC.

According to researchers at Northern Sky Research, Digital Signage has faced of declining marketing and advertising budgets over the last two years. However, Digital Signage deserves more attention than ever, as it emerges leaner and stronger from a global economic downturn. Brands and retailers are increasingly operating their own networks and integrating screens into their in-store strategy with the ultimate objective of enhancing customer experience.

As the tides change, its important to understand how the global markets for Digital Signage will play a part or how they will be affected. Just to name a few, this report will be of particular interest to the following parties: Digital Signage Network Operators; Digital Signage Software; Aggregators and Media Sales Companies; Digital Signage Software Providers; Component and Chip Manufacturers; LCD and Plasma Screen Providers; Telecom Service Providers; Companies evaluating Digital Signage as a business opportunity; and more.

This report examines a few central questions concerning the Digital Signage markets, including:

  • How has the mindset of large retailers, cinema chains, etc. changed regarding Digital Signage as a medium for communication?
  • What factors influence the Return on Investment (RoI) for advertisers choosing a Digital Signage network as a component of their marketing plans?
  • What is the projected growth in revenues for network operators from advertising sales?
  • How has the aggregation of advertising-driven networks affected the overall market across market segments and regions?

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