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Breakfast Daypart Restaurant Sales in U.S. to reach $37.7 Billion in 2011

August 3rd, 2010

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Foodservice Breakfast Trends in the U.S., 2nd Edition" by Packaged Facts.

U.S. foodservice sales in the breakfast daypart segment posted $37.2 billion in 2009. Market projections forecast sales figures in 2010 and 2011 to reach $37.0 billion and $37.7 billion, respectively. Despite the "tepid" appearance of the expected figures upon first glance, in comparison to an overall drop in restaurant sales, the breakfast daypart has actually "fared relatively well [versus lunch and dinner]".

Consumer interactions with the restaurant industry are changing in the face of the recession, and this includes breakfast. Value pricing continues to lead the way in the line of menu strategies as restaurants seek to generate guest traffic. "Unlike the lunch and dinner dayparts, breakfast benefits from long-term untapped guest traffic potential and it can generate healthy margins, factors that are drawing major new players into the market," says the new report from Packaged Facts. The study presents unique insights into "consumers evolving relationship with the breakfast daypart, helping restaurant operators position their brands  and menus  for consumers today and tomorrow."

Key highlights from the study:

  • Meal "pricing threshold" analysis: $3, $5, and $10 consumer-imposed breakfast spend limits.
  • "Share of Stomach" sales analysis, which trends limited-service and full-service sales by daypart; and provides in-depth spending patterns for the breakfast daypart by region, income, and race/ethnicity.
  • Packaged Facts proprietary Consumer Restaurant Outlook Tracker assesses restaurant breakfast users current and planned restaurant-related behavior.
  • Customized "demographic drilldown" on frequent coffee drinkers
  • In-depth investment-grade macroeconomic analysis to help industry participants understand current consumer restaurant spending behavior.
  • Proprietary analysis of average meal spending by restaurant type and by daypart, particularly breakfast, to facilitate targeting consumers who can bring in higher guest check averages.

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