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There is Hope for the U.S. Foodservice Industry

November 10th, 2010

Global Information, Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Foodservice Dinner Trends in the U.S." by Packaged Facts.

Dinner Daypart Restaurant Sales Forecast to Drop 2.8 Percent in 2010

The short-term ramifications of the U.S. dinner daypart market due to economic recessions are profound. According to the coined term entrenched pessimism "the U.S. consumers penchant for increasing savings and reducing debt at a time when incomes have stagnated only serves to depress foodservice spending in the short run". This new study estimates that the dinner daypart restaurant market will experience a 2.8 percent drop in sales during 2010.

...But theres hope

"Hope in the form of a rejuvenated affluent consumer may already be breathing much-needed life into casual and fine dining restaurant sales. Full-service restaurants sales in particular are on the upswing, which bodes well for the dinner daypart," explains Packaged Facts.

According to David Morris, analyst at Packaged Facts and associate at Mosaic Research Consulting, "for now at-home breakfast and dinner trending remains significant." Moreover, analysts deem increased discretionary income is the underlying backbone for a rebound in the restaurant industry. In other words, without this discretionary income "there will simply be no rebound. The bottom line is that consumers with more money and more stable finances have the potential to spend..."

This 183-page report not only helps foodservice industry participants address challenges unique to the dinner daypart, but it also helps participants shape their strategies to meet the constantly evolving needs of their consumers. Trend analysis on key dinner-centric restaurant brands is also included. It details menu strategies and new menu item introductions; snacking tendencies; attitudes towards food, health, and diets; and sales metrics trends.

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