Press Release

Image sensor market currently involves over 11 billion devices with a market value of over $7.5 billion worldwide

January 26th, 2010

Global Information would like to present a market research report, "THE FUTURE OF IMAGE SENSORS - Market and Technology Forecasts to 2014" by Pira International.

The report provides market forecasts for the period 2008 - 14 and details key technologies, end-use sectors, geographic markets and company activity. This report is designed to help those in the image sensor business meet todays challenges as well as plan for the next upswing in demand.

After a short period of downturn, the market is forecast to pick up steam by 2012 and exhibit robust growth rates through to 2014. The Future of Image Sensors provides five-year market forecasts for image sensors broken down by end-use application, region and device type.

This report also includes:

  • The worldwide market for image sensors
  • Consumption trends in key markets
  • Strategies suppliers can use to develop new products and reach new markets

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