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R&D is key driver of sales growth in CPG industry, but ROI in R&D and innovation have been falling

March 16th, 2010

Global Information would like to present a new market research report, "Future R&D Strategies in Food & Drinks: Evolution from orthodox approaches to open innovation models" by Business Insights.

The arrival of open innovation appears to offer a "magic bullet solution" for R&D and innovation investment in the food and drinks sector: it can both reduce costs and simultaneously improve innovation. However, open innovation need to fit in with a coherent set on innovation approaches and strategies in order to see long term success. Business Insights investigates the latest strategies and approaches in R&D and innovation investment. This report also examines what is required for effective execution of these strategies and approaches. The report also assesses areas where companies need to tailor approaches to fit their own needs and drive their companys future success.

According to research and analysis at Business Insights, returns on investments in R&D and innovation in the food and drinks industry have been falling. Nevertheless, R&D still remains a key driver of sales growth in the CPG industry. However, the falling ROI has led to further cuts on R&D lower returns. Another problem budgets, which makes breakthrough innovations  that normally have higher returns than incremental innovations  even less likely and hence, leading to a downward spiral of in R&D investment are the rigid adherences to orthodox approaches towards innovation that are now holding back innovation as they lead to large numbers of undifferentiated innovations hitting retail shelves.

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