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When Will the Iodine Market Recover From the Downturn? - Global Iodine Demand Forecast to Rise by 3.5% Yearly to 2014

June 21st, 2010

Global Information Inc. presents a new market research report, "Iodine: Global Industry Markets and Outlook, 11th Edition 2013" by Roskill Information Services.

According to a new study published by Roskill Information Services, "Demand for iodine is forecast to rise by 3.5%py to 2014." Chile and Japan currently dominate iodine production. Nearly 80% of crude iodine output is internationally traded. Key sectors that are expected to drive growth in iodine demand include: optical polarizing film for LCD displays/screens, biocides for human health, and x-ray contrast media for radiology.

Iodine consumption displayed strong growth during the mid-2000s. This trend was largely a result of greater output levels of optical polarizing film (OPF), which is used in liquid crystal display (LCD) screens, catalysts, and heat stabilizers. However, "despite its use in several recession-proof markets, such as pharmaceuticals and radiology, iodine was not immune to the global economic downturn and consumption fell by over 10% in 2009." As investments in capacity additions dwindled after the early-2000s, the market landscape started to exhibit dramatic changes. According to the report: "Utilization rates at iodine plants increased and combined with higher input costs, falling stock levels and rapidly rising demand growth, prices for iodine increased almost two-fold. New capacity was brought on-stream in 2008, but prices continued to increase, reaching over US$30/kg in 2009, despite a fall in demand." Meanwhile, the European and North American share of the market has declined by 25% in the last ten years. In contrast, rapid economic growth and a shift in optical polarizing film (OPF) production have dramatically increased iodine demand in Asia. The Asia region now accounts for nearly 40% of total iodine consumption.

Key Questions Addressed in this Report:
Have prices for iodine peaked?
Why have LCD screens become a key application for iodine?
Which companies undertake secondary iodine production?
What is the primary driver of increased biocide use?
How is corporate control of iodine split between producers?
When will the iodine market recover from the downturn?

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