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High-Speed Rail (HSR) Manufacturers Capitalize on $8 Billion from Obama Administration

July 8th, 2010

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "High Speed Rail Infrastructure Component Manufacturing" by SBI Energy (aka Specialist In Business Information).

The United States is finally making progress towards the creation of a nationwide high-speed rail (HSR) network. Successful adoption of a fast moving transportation system would provide dual benefits: not only will HSR minimize the countrys reliance on fossil fuels, but it will help boost local economies and stimulate economic growth across the US as well. Earlier this year, in January, the Obama administration approved an $8 billion injection of federal funds for 13 high-speed rail projects across the US; and since then, "the race has been on for companies and manufacturers to get a slice of the pie," say research analysts at SBI Energy. "Competition is fierce between Amtrak, the nations only operator high-speed trains, and foreign HSR manufacturers eager to win bids in the United States." According to this new industry study from SBI Energy, "the accumulated market value of global HSR manufacturing sectors was $244 billion from 2005 to 2009 and will grow to reach $907 billion between 2010 and 2015."

The US is not the only country to jumpstart its HSR network. In fact, many nations around the globe are also increasing their roll out of high-speed rail initiatives during 2010. These initiatives aim to make high-speed rail a more integral part of the respective nations overall transportation infrastructure and to improve transportation infrastructure for freight and commuters. Several European countries have announced plans to start construction by the end of the year. Shelley Carr, SBI Energy publisher, expects "North America to grow the fastest in the TGV technology sector through 2014, although its total sales pale in comparison to Europe... The lions share of accumulated market value in technology will come from Europe, which will grow at a 4% CAGR to reach $10 billion by 2014." Meanwhile, numerous countries in Asia have already begun HSR development projects, which are anticipated to be complete between 2015 and 2020. "Of the 17,000 miles of planned HSR track implementations worldwide, nearly 10,000 is allocated for Asia," SBI Energy reports.

New HSR and intercity passenger rail developments could bring resurgence in railroad engineering and manufacturing, which could help bolster industrial activity worldwide. In short, "manufacturers of HSR components remain cautiously optimistic about their long-term profitability." This study analyzes the market opportunities that global HSR (high-speed rail) manufacturers are enthusiastic to espouse over the next decade. It covers shipments, exports and imports, economic and market trends driving the HSR manufacturing industry. The report also examines the socioeconomic and consumer-based trends surrounding the HSR industry (i.e. safety issues, long-term effects of HSR on transportation economy, and next-generation HSR products).

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