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Performance apparel companies meet eco-conscious demands to gain competitive edge

March 23rd, 2010

Global Information would like to present a new market research report, "Sustainability in performance apparel: meeting the demands of an eco-conscious marketplace" by Textiles Intelligence.

In the face of climate change dangers, performance apparel companies are acknowledging that sustainability has become a necessity rather than an option. Moreover, performance apparel companies are realizing that they can gain a competitive edge by demonstrating their commitment to environmentally and socially responsible practices. However, the central challenge is to ensure that the eco-conscious commitments of performance apparel companies reverberate throughout the apparel industrys highly complex supply chains. While significant progress has been made in cleaning up the performance apparel industry, greater efforts are still needed in order to increase awareness among all consumers about the benefits of eco-friendly products they purchase.

More and more performance apparel firms are putting in the extra effort to show their genuine commitment to protecting the planet by reducing their carbon footprint and pursuing social responsible policies in every aspect of their businesses. Many performance apparel companies have sought to reduce the impact of their product operations on the environment by utilizing recycled materials and offering recyclable products. An increasing number of performance apparel companies are even incorporating eco-friendly fibres (e.g. bamboo and organic cotton) and materials constructed out of biopolymers in places of polymers created from petrochemicals.

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