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Identifying Stem Cell Market Trends

June 9th, 2010

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Stem Cell Markets" by TriMark Publications.

Recent understanding of stem cell biology may provide new approaches for the treatment of a number of diseases including cardiovascular disease, tissue/organ injuries, neurological disease, musculoskeletal disease, hematopoietic disorders and diabetes. There are three fundamental types of stem cell products: 1) Hematopoietic stem cells, which are capable of function bone marrow regeneration; 2) Neural stem cells, which are capable of differentiating into nerve and brain tissue; and 3) Mesenchymal stem cells/pancreatic islet stem cells, which are capable of differentiating into bone, fat, cartilage, and pancreatic -cells. Each of these basic stem cell products are of value for various diseases or disorders. For example, neural stem cells provide therapeutic value for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons.

In terms of end-user applications, the stem cell marketplace today can be subcategorized into three major segments: 1) Toxicity screening for drug discovery and development; 2) Autologous cell therapy; and 3) Allogeneic cell therapy. According to Trimark Publications report, "The current market opportunity in stem cells therapeutics and technology resides entirely in the sale of reagents, media, cells, consumables and services to the research community. There is currently no U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved bona fide stem cell therapeutic." Trimark expects stem cell based therapeutics will impact the market in three to five years.

Key questions addressed in this report:

  • What is the current status of the cell therapy market?
  • What is the therapeutic potential of cell therapy?
  • Who are the current key players in the stem cell marketplace?
  • What are the benefits of various stem cell technology platforms?
  • What are the major types of stem cell technologies currently available?
  • What are the main stem cells business strategies adopted by stem cell leading companies?
  • Which areas in the stem cells market display the most potential for growth?
  • How can new stem cell technologies facilitate improved patient care?

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