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Wireless Bands in Upper Millimeter Range Drawing Interest

November 30th, 2010

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "UPPER MILLIMETER 2011: Success in Mobile, Private and Public Safety Wireless" by Visant Strategies, Inc..

The market for 60 GHz and E band point-to-point (PTP) radios collectively occupy a range of bands known as the upper millimeter region. These bands are gaining substantial interest due to a shortage of lower frequencies for point-to-point in urban areas. Additionally, next-generation deployments have increased demand for high capacity backhaul between multifarious elements of the mobile wireless network, which has also increased interest within the 60 GHz and E band market. Visant Strategies examines the prospects for these radios in the following segments: public safety and government, enterprise, last mile and mobile backhaul in this new study. Market drivers and dynamics are detailed for each segment. Also included are worldwide shipments and revenues for all E band and 60 GHz radio market segments through the next six years.

Key topics discussed in this new 38-page report:

  • Enterprise applications
  • Regulatory overview (band licensing and worldwide use)
  • Causes of previous false starts for E band and 60 GHz radios
  • Contributing factors to future success of 60 GHz and E band radios
  • Features of radios
  • Future mobile backhaul capacity requirements at aggregation points and base stations
  • Mobile wireless backhaul bottlenecks
  • Migration to IP
  • Support for converged TMD, Ethernet services, and traffic
  • Last mile applications
  • Public safety and government applications
  • Leading 60 GHz and E band vendors and market shares
  • Vendor profiles

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