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LPE WiFi in Wireless Sensor Networks: 3 Key Benefits

May 6th, 2011

Summary: New WTRS report examines significant market participants and major application area requirements in low power embedded WiFi market.

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report,"WTRS Low Power Embedded WiFi Emerging Technology Report" by West Technology Research Solutions.

Low Power Embedded (LPE) WiFi is perhaps the most interesting of the technologies classified within the wireless sensor network market.

Three major benefits of using LPE WiFi in wireless sensor networks include:

  1. Connectivity within existing WiFi networks in a given application space;
  2. Cost savings with LPE WiFis resuse of existing WiFi infrastructures over installation of other wireless service networks wireless service networks (WSN) based on ZigBee or 802.15.4;
  3. Built-in Internet Protocol connectivity enables easier network deployment and management in addition to use of better known development and management tools.

According to the report, proposed applications for LPE WiFi sensor networks include: Healthcare, Industrial, Building Automation,"Smart Grid" Utilities, Residential, Transportation, Industrial/Mining, and even potentially consumer electronics remote control products.

"Across the board, the LPE WiFi component suppliers have demonstrated the majority of new customer interest and opportunity growth as compared to other WSN technology providers." If proponents are able to stimulate interest among the WiFi Alliance to focus their attention on this wireless sensor network sector, "it is quite likely that LPE WiFi will gain a strong and significant portion of the overall WSN market."

To find more low power embedded WiFi technology updates and to read the latest coverage on this market check out West Technology Research Solutions new 42-page report published in May 2011. This report is designed to support the development of business and product planning activities. The information found in this study is ideal for end product OEMs, RF semiconductor companies, module manufacturers, WSN applications and deployment software vendors, MCU companies, and venture capitalists and financial analysts.


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