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Introducing EWLP, the Latest Wafer Level Chipscale Package from Casio Micronics

May 27th, 2010

Global Information, Inc. is pleased to announce a new market research report, "EWLP from Casio Micronics WL-CSP 309-pin Reverse Costing Analysis" by System Plus Consulting.

The latest publication from Yole Developpement is a "reverse costing report" of the latest Wafer Level Chipscale Package of Casio Micronics, the EWLP. The EWLP is used in the Fujitsu MB39C311QA, which is a power management unit and audio interface unit IC for mobile phones. According to Yole Developpement, "This EWLP is the last generation of WL-CSP. All the packaging operations are done at the wafer level. The ball pitch is only 0.4mm and only one redistribution layer is used for the 309 balls on 7.45x7.45mm package." For those interested in learning the details of the EWLP and the WL-CSP package by Casio Micronics, please read the full report.

A complete, detailed breakdown of the Casio Micronics 0.4mm pitch WL-CSP package is included in this report with:

  • Material analysis
  • Detailed photos
  • Manufacturing Process Flow
  • In-depth economical analysis
  • Manufacturing cost breakdown
  • Selling price estimates

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