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Retail Industry in South Africa On the Rise

June 7th, 2010

Global Information Inc is pleased to announce a new market research report, "South Africa Retail, Home-Shopping, E-Commerce Report 2010" by GmbH & Co. KG.

According to the latest report published by, a Hamburg-based market research firm, South African retail is showing positive upward trends. "Based on the latest estimated retail revenue is expected to rise from 64 billion US-$ in 2009 to 106 billion US-$ in 2014." On a related note, consumer spending per capita is projected to increase from $4260 in 2009 to $6252 in 2014, which "can be attributed to an increase in tourism and the related spending. Although this trend was slightly curbed in 2009, it appears to gain momentum again in the light of the 2010 FIFA World Cup." Furthermore, online retailers are optimistic about revenue growth during the year of the World Cup. E-commerce sites, such as, have already observed an increase in revenues by approximately 20%-25% in 2009 in comparison to the previous year.

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