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The European Market for Kitchen Furniture - Part I

The 24th edition of the report The European market for kitchen furniture offers an accurate comprehensive picture of the kitchen furniture industry in 17 Western European countries, providing 2008-2013 trends (in value and in volume) in kitchen furniture production and consumption, imports and exports. Marketing policies, distribution channels and the value and weight of the built-in appliances on kitchen furniture supply is further considered.

A forecast on kitchen furniture consumption in 2014 and 2015 is provided.

Supply structure: data on employment, information on kitchen prices in a sample of companies and data on productive concentration are also included. Production is broken down by cabinet door material (solid wood, veneer, laminated, decorative papers, thermoplastic foils, lacquered, melamine/paper, aluminium, glass), by cabinet door style (classic, modern, design), by cabinet door colour (white, bright colours, neutral colours), by cabinet door type (high gloss, opaque) and by worktop material (solid surface materials, engineered and natural stone, laminated, tiles, steel, wood, glass).

The competitive system analyses the kitchen furniture sales of the top European kitchen furniture manufacturers. Values are broken down by market segment (luxury, upper-end, middle, middle-low, low-end) and by country. Market shares are included.

Short profiles of the main players in the kitchen furniture industry are also available.

The analysis of kitchen furniture distribution channels covers: direct sales, contract/ building trade; kitchen specialists, DIY stores, furniture retailers, large furniture chains, mail order/e-commerce.

Addresses of around 300 European kitchen furniture manufacturers are also included.

Countries covered. Austria, Belgium-Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Among the considered products: kitchen furniture, solid wood kitchens, veneer kitchens, laminated kitchens, thermoplastic foils, lacquered kitchens, melamine kitchens, aluminium kitchens, classic kitchens, country kitchens, modern kitchens, design kitchens, upper range kitchens, middle-upper range kitchens, middle range kitchens, low range kitchens, cabinet door, worktop, kitchens with built-in appliances, kitchens without built-in appliances, built-in appliances.


In 2013 the EU-17 consumption of kitchen furniture was worth almost 11.5 billion Euro. From the slowdown observed in 2009 the relative weight of European markets on total consumption has changed. German purchasers now account for 25% of total kitchen furniture consumption (from 21% in 2009), Italian and Spanish markets shrunk more than others, France and UK increased their share.

EU-17. Breakdown of total kitchen furniture consumption
in value, by country.
2009 and 2013, percentage shares.

In 2013 the English market was among the most interesting ones. Within the favorable frame of growing private consumption and residential investment, it absorbed +4% more kitchen sets than the previous year. Strategic moves of several continental companies signal their willingness to grasp the opportunities stemming from UK

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. The European Market for Kitchen Furniture: basic data

  • The European Market in 2013
  • Basic data by country, countries covered: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium-Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece
  • Production breakdown by market segment: Luxury, Upper, Upper medium, Medium, Medium Low, Low/ First price
  • Leading players in Europe and market shares
  • Supply concentration
  • Kitchen furniture consumption, forecasts on % changes year over year by countries

3. Activity Trend 2003-2013

  • For each reported country:
    • Production, consumption, international trade, price and openness of the kitchen furniture maket and macroeconomic indicators, 2003-2013

4. International Trade 2008-2013

  • Overview
  • Exports and imports by country and by geographical area

5. Supply Structure

  • Employment and average turnover per employee
  • Breakdown of supply by cabinet door (solid wood, veneer, laminated, decorative papers, thermoplastic foils, melamine paper, aluminium, glass)
  • Breakdown of supply by cabinet door finishing style and layout (classic, country, modern, design/ white, bright colours, neutral colours)
  • Breakdown of supply by worktop material (solid surface materials, engineered stone, natural stone, laminated, tiles, steel, wood, glass)
  • Built in Appliances:
    • Weight of built-in appliances on the price of a kitchen

6. Distribution

  • Overview
  • Breakdown of kitchen furniture sales by distribution channel (kitchen specialist, furniture shops, furniture chains, contract/building trade, e-commerce, direct sales) by country
  • Sales breakdown of kitchen furniture distribution channel in a sample of companies

7. The Competitive System

  • European production
    • by market segments (luxury, upper, upper medium, medium, medium low, first price)
  • For each reported country:
    • Sales of kitchen furniture and % market share of the top kitchen furniture manufacturers
    • Short company profile of the leading kitchen manufacturers
  • Export and market share “overseas”
    • Export sales of the top 50 companies
    • Exports of kitchen furniture in a sample of companies to: Central-Eastern Europe and Russia, Middle East, AsiaPacific, North America and South America.
  • Europe. Export concentration, 2009-2013

Appendix: List of Mentioned and/or Interviewed Companies

Selected companies mentioned:

Atma Group, DAN Küchen, AFG Arbonia Forster, Alno, Arredo 3, Ballingslöv International Group, Bruynzeel Keukens, DeDecker & Al-Al, Dovy Keukens, Fagor Muebles De Cocina, Fournier, Häcker Küchen, Howdens Joinery, Ikea Europe, Lube Group, Neoform Groupe, Nobia Group, Nobilia, Norform Gruppen, Omega International, Parisot Mattaincourt (MVM), Puustelli, Réma You, Rixonway Kitchens, SALM, Santos Cocina y Baño, Scavolini, Schüller Möbelwerk, Snaidero Group, Symphony Group, TMK, Top Form, Topi Keittiöt, Veneta Group, Veriset Küchen, Vordingborg K∅kkenet, XEY Corporación Empresarial, WM88.

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