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Market Research Report - 243849

The European Market for Lighting Fixtures - Part II

Published by CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies
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The European Market for Lighting Fixtures - Part II
Published: May 14, 2014 Content info: 134 Pages

This report offers a comprehensive picture of the lighting fixtures market in eight Central-Eastern European countries, providing lighting fixtures industry statistics (production, consumption, imports and exports) and information on distribution channels, lighting sources, productivity and financial ratios.

The report also analyses sales data, market shares and strategies of 50 among the top manufacturers in this area and of the major players in each country considered. Short company profiles of the main players are also included.

Lighting fixtures industry production is broken down by segment (residential lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting and outdoor lighting). Trend of employment, turnover per employee, EBITDA in a sample of companies are also included.

Data on decorative lighting are broken down by style (traditional, modern, design) and by positioning of the lamp (floor, table, wall and ceiling lamps and suspensions), while data on architectural and commercial lighting are broken down by product (downlights and recessed lights, suspensions and tracks, projectors and spot lights, decorative lighting for commercial applications) and destination (hospitality, office, retail, Art & Museums, entertainment lighting and lighting for big infrastructures. Industrial lighting consists of lighting for industrial plants, weather resistant and explosion proof lighting, hospital and emergency lighting. Outdoor lighting includes residential outdoor lighting, lighting for urban landscape, lighting for major roads, area/campus lighting, tunnels and galleries. Market shares are also included.

The analysis of lighting fixtures distribution channels by country covers: direct sales, light specialists, small/medium furniture retailers, furniture chains, department stores, wholesalers, DIY, mail order and e-commerce.

The report provides also a breakdown of lighting fixtures consumption in Central-Eastern Europe by light sources (incandescence, fluorescence, LED, fiber optics, gas discharge/metal halide), for a sample of companies.

A focus on LEDs lighting is also provided with LED lighting fixtures sales and market shares for the major companies operating in Central-Eastern Europe.

Trend of exports and imports, by country and by geographical area, is given together with a breakdown of exports and imports by segment.

For each Central-Eastern European country analyzed CSIL provides: country indicators (with data on population, GDP, GDP per capita, GDP deflator, private consumption, inflation) and construction indicators (with data on Residential building permits); market size and activity trend with data on lighting fixtures production, consumption, international trade for the period 2008-2013; international trade with data on lighting fixtures exports and imports, by country and by geographical area, for the period 2008-2013; distribution channels and focus on "cities to watch"; analysis of the competitive system with short profiles of the main players and data on lighting fixtures sales and market shares.

Addresses of about 160 lighting fixtures companies operating in Central-Eastern Europe are also included.

The Report covers the following countries: Bulgaria (BG); Croatia (HR); Czech Republic (CZ); Hungary (HU); Poland (PL); Romania (RO); Slovakia (SK); Slovenia (SI).


In 2013 the eight countries considered (CE Europe) registered a total turnover of lighting fixtures of approximately EUR 1,896 million and a consumption of approximately the same value. Exports and imports are both equal to EUR 1,268 million.

This Region accounts approximately for 15% of the entire European production of lighting fixtures (27 countries) and for 13% of the European (27 countries) consumption. Production increased by 9% in the year 2012 and by 5% in 2013. Consumption increased by 4% in the year 2012 and by 5% in the year 2013.

In two years (2011-2013) export of lighting fixtures from CE Europe increased from EUR 1,113 million to EUR 1,268 million (+14%).

In the same period, imports grew from EUR 1,189 million to EUR 1,268 million (+7%).

Top ten manufacturers supply 17% of the entire demand of lighting fixtures in Central Eastern Europe.

Diffusion of LED lighting in Central-Eastern Europe is still lower than in Western European countries, anyway it has reached a 14% of the market in 2013 and will probably reach 18%-20% by the end of 2014.

Poland alone provides 43% of the lighting fixtures production of the 8 countries considered, followed by Czech Republic (18%) and Romania (11%).

CE Europe exported lighting fixtures in the year 2013 for around EUR 1.3 billion, and imported for a quite similar figure. More than 20% of the trade is intra CE European countries. Almost 30% of the import is from Asian countries (mainly China), while Russia/CSI is an important destination. With Western European countries the trade is made respectively of 60% export and 50% imports.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Research field and methodology

2. Scenario

  • 2.1 Basic data
    • Central-Eastern Europe. Lighting fixtures production, international trade and consumption by country, 2012-2013. EUR Million
  • 2.2 Concentration
    • Lighting fixtures sales of 50 among the top manufacturers, total sales and sales by segment (residential, commercial, industrial, outdoor)
    • Outdoor lighting: focus on public fundings
  • 2.3 Light Sources
    • Central-Eastern Europe. Led based lighting fixtures sales of 50 among top players, 2013
  • 2.4 Employment , productivity, outsourcing
  • 2.5 Financial results
    • EBITDA ratio (%) for a sample of lighting fixtures players, 2012
  • 2.6 Distribution channels
    • Distribution channels: direct sales, light specialists, small/medium retailers, furniture chains, department stores, wholesalers, DIY, mail order and e-commerce

FOR EACH OF CONSIDERED COUNTRY (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia):

  • Macroeconomic indicators
  • Market size
  • International trade
  • Distribution channels
  • Focus on capital city
  • Main players

Selected companies mentioned:

A & A Világítás És Bútor, Artemide, Artglass, Beghelli, BDK Budapesti, BSM, Dietal, Eglo, Elba, Electra, Elektro-Lumen, Elite Bohemia, Elkovo Cepelik, Elmarco, Erco, ES-System, Fagerhult, Ferotehna, Flos, Grah Lighting, Halla, Holux Lighting Systems, iGuzzini, Ikea, Intra Lighting, Kanlux, Lasvit, Lena, Lira, Lis Lighting, Lival, LUG Light, Lumenart, Lumenova, Market Line, MK Illumination, Modus, Nowodvorski, OMS Lighting, Osram, Osmont, Philips Lighting, Polam-rem, Preciosa, Rabalux, Robe Lighting, Romlux Lighting, Rosa, SchrÉder, Sec, Sloluks, Spectra Lighting, Telektra, TM Technologie, Trilux, Vyrtych, XAL, Zumtobel

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