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Five year Forecast and Analysis on the United States Hog Market

The current environment seems very conducive to a sustained expansion in U.S. hog and pork output, with lower prices likely being the result. Actually, price shifts posted during mid-2013 might be the most decisive development in that regards. That is, after proving relatively weak during early spring, hog and pork prices soared in late spring and remained quite elevated through early autumn.

This report highlights the current hog market in the United States.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Market Hog Prices

Net Returns from Hog Production

September 1 Breeding Hog Inventory

September 1 Market Hog Inventory

Pork Production


  • I. Hogs and Pigs: U.S. Inventory, Sows Farrowing, and Pig Crop
  • II. Hogs and Pigs: USDA Report, U.S. Inventory, Sows Farrowing, and Pig Crop
  • III. Hog Slaughter
  • IV. Pork Production
  • V. Hog Prices Quarterly and Annually
  • VI. Number of U.S. Hog Operations
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