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Five year Forecast and Analysis on the United States Cattle Market

The U.S. cattle herd is currently in its seventh consecutive year of contraction. Due to the length of time to maturity and the length of gestation for cattle, the time required to move from contraction to expansion of the cattle herd is relatively long, much longer than other livestock enterprises. The long-term cattle cycle normally lasts about ten years from tough to trough. The most recent cycle low in the cattle inventory was 2004 so a new cycle low is due within the next year of two.

This report provides production, prices, and inventory data for the United States Cattle market.

Table of Contents


Weekly Cattle Prices

January Cattle Inventory

U.S. Beef Production

Beef Trade

Annual Fed Cattle Prices

Quarterly Feedlot Profits

Feeder Cattle and Calves


  • I. Cattle Balance Sheet, 50 States
  • II. January 1 Inventory, Cattle and Calves, U.S.
  • III. July 1 Inventory, Cattle and Calves, U.S.
  • IV. Estimated U.S. Feeder Cattle Supply
  • V. Cattle Feeding Activity, U.S. 1,000+ Capacity Lots
  • VI. Cattle Slaughter and Beef Production
  • VII. Beef Supply and Utilization
  • VIII. Cattle and Beef Prices, Quarterly and Annual
  • IX. Cattle Feeding Budget Summary
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