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Osteoporosis Market Forecast

This publication has been discontinued on February 22, 2013.


New anti-bone loss drugs soon to reach the osteoporosis market - but generic entry will continue to erode its value.



The seven major markets are characterized by an aging population and hence the incidence of osteoporosis will increase accordingly. The increase in patient numbers, however, will not lead to an increase in overall market value as the genericization of key bisphosphonate brands will cause heavy price erosion, leading to a negative growth trend that will continue throughout the forecast period.


  • PDF report containing Datamonitor's analysis and forecasts of this market to 2021.
  • Forecast based on epidemiology data and primary research with 129 primary care physicians and specialists across the US, Japan, and 5EU.
  • This forecast assesses the impact of generics, especially upon patent expiry of key bisphosphonate drugs such as Actonel, Boniva, and Reclast.
  • Forecasts of the four new key products launching during the forecast period: Amgen's AMG-785, Radius' BA058, Pfizer's Aprela, and Merck's odanacatib.


  • The growth in sales of newer products, such as Prolia (denosumab; Amgen) and soon-to-launch odanacatib (Merck & Co.) can only partly offset the market value decline caused by generic price erosion.
  • Odanacatib will become the top-grossing pipeline drug by the end of the forecast period.


  • Which brands will be affected by generic erosion the most; where and when will it take place?
  • What is the impact of new pipeline drugs going to be and how successful can they become in a cost-constrained market?
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