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e-Retailing in the European Automotive Aftermarket


This report analyzes the key issues and trends in the online automotive aftermarket in Europe.



This report provides an in-depth analysis of the current online automotive aftermarket. Current trends within the market are examined, as well as the services offered by major online players. Consumer attitudes towards purchasing automotive products online are also discussed, with a particular focus on the services online retailers need to offer in order to be a success in this diverse market.


  • This report presents a clear and concise picture of the current state of the automotive e-retailing market in Europe.
  • It outlines the features of many key online players in the market, including the products they offer, delivery times, and fitment services.
  • The report examines key trends in the e-retailing market and provides a forward-thinking outlook of the future of the online aftermarket.


  • Many physical retailers lack a sufficient online transactional platform, and have been slow to adapt to the changing trends in the aftermarket; as a result, several well-established chains have a small or inadequate online presence.
  • Many do not offer a transactional website online, leaving them open to losing sales opportunities to online channels.
  • Typically, tire specialists and vehicle manufacturer networks have an undeveloped presence online, although some chains such as Euromaster have now opened online portals offering mobile fitment of tires and batteries. Some chains are relying too heavily on bricks and mortar retail and should invest in their online presence as a matter of urgency.


  • What are the current trends in the online automotive aftermarket?
  • What services are consumers looking for when purchasing automotive products online?
  • How physical retailers can take advantage of the growing online aftermarket?
  • What features do e-retailers need to offer to stay competitive?



  • Overview


  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Internet usage rapidly increasing in developing countries over 2007-11
  • Many physical retailers lack a sufficient online transactional platform
  • Consumers looking for increasingly convenient delivery options, including mobile fitment


  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Strategic recommendations - physical retailers
  • Transactional websites essential for physical retailers to meet consumers' expectations
  • Strategic recommendations - e-retailers (pure online retailers)
  • Consumer education and customer feedback key for pure online retailers' success


  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Developing markets lead the way in vehicle-related Internet usage
  • Vehicle-related Internet usage is most prominent in Eastern Europe
  • Internet usage on the rise, particularly in developing European economies
  • Consumer education linked to prevalence of purchasing vehicle components online
  • Consumers expect a minimum standard of service when purchasing products online
  • Growing expectation among consumers of wide-ranging delivery services, including mobile fitting
  • Direct consumer interaction is important for e-retailers to build trust between business and customers
  • Regional websites in local languages with domestic delivery are vital to consumers


  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Autocenters
  • Fast fits
  • Hypermarkets
  • Tire specialists
  • Wholesalers
  • Vehicle manufacturer networks
  • Pure online retailers


  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Future developments
  • Growth in online sales set to slow as mature markets become more competitive


  • Definitions
  • Replacement rate
  • Geography
  • "Leading five economies"
  • "Western Europe"
  • "Eastern Europe"
  • "Southern Europe"
  • "Baltic countries"
  • "Scandinavia"
  • Distribution channels
  • Vehicle manufacturer networks
  • Autocenters
  • Fast fits
  • Tire specialists
  • Hypermarkets
  • Pure online retailers
  • Methodology
  • Datamonitor's global automotive proposition
  • Component Insight reports
  • Channel Insight reports
  • Strategic Insight reports
  • Consumer Insight reports
  • Databases
  • Disclaimer


  • Table: Online presence - autocenters, 2013
  • Table: Online presence - fast fits, 2013
  • Table: Online presence - hypermarkets, 2013
  • Table: Online presence - tire specialists, 2013
  • Table: Online presence - wholesalers, 2013
  • Table: Online presence - vehicle manufacturer networks, 2013
  • Table: Online retailers - delivery options, products offered, 2013


  • Figure: Fully fitted online prices (mytyres.co.uk example)
  • Figure: Consumer education by e-retailers (blackcircles.com example)
  • Figure: Consumer reviews (tyresonthedrive.com example)
  • Figure: Internet users who use the Internet for vehicle-related purposes (%), 2012
  • Figure: Internet users who purchase vehicle-related products online (%), 2012
  • Figure: Households with Internet access (%), 2007
  • Figure: Households with Internet access (%), 2011
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