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Future Trends of Stevia in Bakery and Snacks


This presentation was given as part of the Bakery Formulation Virtual Conference held on March 29, 2012, and it examines the use of stevia in bakery and snack products, with an eye on future developments and possibilities for stevia.



What does the future hold for stevia in the bakery and snack categories? This presentation attempts to answer that question, examining consumer attitudes toward sugar consumption, low calorie sweeteners, stevia use, new product launch trends, and more.


  • Natural sweeteners hold considerable allure, and stevia is one of the newer and more promising natural sweeteners on the market.
  • See where stevia is trending by category and country. Examine case studies of new products formulated with stevia to see how it is being used.
  • Understand current consumer attitudes toward sugar, and how consumers feel about artificial sweeteners. See where stevia fits in as a solution.


  • Stevia has been used for centuries in South America to sweeten hot drinks, but the plant-based sweetener is new to most consumers in the United States, and many other developed country markets.
  • This presentation will benchmark where stevia is right now, and where it has the potential to go in the future. Consumer attitudes toward sugar and artificial sweeteners will be examined with the goal of identifying where stevia could prosper in the future.
  • Stevia is not without challenges. The sweetener can have a licorice-like aftertaste and may require the use of a bulking agent in many products. These issues aside, product innovations in global markets offer hope and direction for where stevia could be headed next.


  • How concerned are consumers about the use and safety of artificial sweeteners in food and beverage products?
  • Where is stevia use in packaged food and beverage products trending globally?
  • What product categories and industries show the greatest inclination to use stevia as a sweetener?
  • What challenges will food makers have to overcome to use stevia in their new products?
  • What areas do industry watchers see stevia having the greatest potential for future growth?



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