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Consumer and Innovation Trends in Frozen Food


Frozen food is struggling to evolve negative consumer perceptions of taste and healthiness. However brands are being proactive; for example through launching products which appeal to experiential demands and emphasizing naturalness in marketing



Although progress has been slow, the frozen food category is making positive strides towards representing a more attractive and relevant proposition to a wider range of consumers. This brief outlines the most important consumer and product trends impacting the category globally, using Datamonitor's TrendSights mega-trend framework as a basis to organize the key themes covered


  • Each section is introduced with a concise SWOT analysis that outlines how each TrendSights mega-trend can be applied to the frozen food category
  • Consumer insight analysis covering 20 countries globally highlights the key attitudes and behaviors that drive consumers' preferences
  • Draw inspiration from numerous case studies and product examples throughout the brief that showcase best-in-class innovations in frozen food


  • Private labelers in frozen food have evolved their frozen ranges markedly, delivering significant improvement in relation to the range, quality, and packaging of their offerings. Moreover, building on their traditional strengths in relation to price, they are branching out to address issues of sustainability, indulgence and personalization
  • Food waste is becoming a more important issue for consumers as a result of both ethical considerations and financial considerations off the back of rising food inflation. Rising consumer acceptance of the need to cut food waste leaves the frozen category well placed to promote its waste-saving potential


  • How do Datamonitor's mega-trends apply specifically to frozen food? How is this likely to evolve over the next few years?
  • Where is innovation occurring in frozen and what does it look like?
  • How can brands tailor products to an increasingly health conscious consumer?



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