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Trends & Opportunities in Heart-Healthy Consumer Packaged Goods


Originally given at the SupplySide MarketPlace conference in New York City on May 9, 2012, this presentation reviews developments in the heart health market including trends related to functional ingredients, product launches and health claims.



Cardiovascular disease is one of the world's leading causes of death, fueling high levels of interest in heart health. The good news is that a majority of heart health risk factors can be controlled by the individual, and consumers have an increasing array of ingredients and products that address heart health.


  • Identify ingredients that are effective in reducing LDL (low density lipoproteins) cholesterol levels and products that feature these ingredients.
  • See products and ingredients that can help promote blood circulation, as well as offerings that can help reduce blood pressure.
  • Find out what two types of ingredients collectively account for 70% of the global market for heart health ingredients.
  • Examine case studies of new products that are capitalizing on the heart health opportunity today, as well as the future.


  • Excellent heart health is one of the keys to living a longer, more fulfilling life.
  • Consumers today have an unprecedented number of packaged goods that can help them care for their hearts. From cholesterol reducing products formulated with plant sterols to foods and beverages that can reduce blood pressure with ingredients like flavanols, the options for improving heart health have never been greater.
  • See what some of the top heart health ingredients are, and how these ingredients are finding their way into packaged food, drink and supplement products, worldwide. Review the market for heart health ingredients as well as growth prospects for the future. Identify outstanding examples of innovation in heart health products.


  • What three food and beverage categories together account for over one-third of all product launches globally against the heart health opportunity?
  • What kinds of food and beverage products do consumers already see as functional and how is that driving new product development going forward?
  • Heart health is important, but where does it rank among other types of functional health opportunities with regard to new product launches?
  • How are consumers reacting to specific heart-healthy product claims?


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