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Ethical and Environmental Consumerism and its Impact on the US Personal Care Market



Over 70% of American consumers agree that environmental damage is a key threat to the world, but is this concern translating into action? Find out as we explore “green” hot buttons that are resonating with consumers, issues and concerns that are holding consumers back and how personal care and beauty companies are working to counter these objections.

Features and benefits

  • Understand how age and gender can influence consumer concern pertaining to ethical and environmental issues.
  • Examine to what extent pocketbook issues like value and performance issues like efficacy are influencing consumer interest.
  • Analyze case studies of recent product launches that are helping show the way forward for ethical and environmental consumerism in personal care.


American consumers are intrigued by the concept of environmentally-friendly personal care and beauty products, but just 26% find ethical or sustainability claims made by cosmetic or beauty brands to be credible.

Learn about how companies are combining the best of science and nature to build interest and establish trust for new generation “green” personal care and beauty products. See areas of opportunity for “green” within the personal care and beauty marketplace, from the expanding concept of “ethical luxury” to the theme of simplicity.

Identify which sectors of the personal care and beauty markets provide the most fertile ground for “green” and examine innovative new products that are leading the way. Take a closer look at the concept of “fair trade” for personal care and beauty, and find out if this is the “next big thing” for the market.

Your key questions answered

  • Which categories of personal care and beauty products exhibit the most consumer support for ethical and environmental benefits?
  • Which product claims have the most amount of influence for consumers making personal care or beauty product choices?
  • How do American consumers compare with their global counterparts when it comes to concern over key ethical and environmental issues?
  • What do American consumers want companies to do with regard to “green” to make their shopping decisions easier?
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