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TrendSights: Weight Management



This report analyzes how the Weight Management sub-trend is shaping the consumer and innovation landscape. It examines how the industry is responding to the growing demand for products that help consumers manage their weight.



The growing prevalence of overweight/obese individuals worldwide is fueling demand for products that help consumers manage their weight effectively. As more consumers become aware of and monitor weight-related issues, there is increasing demand for products that help guide them to their goals, from functional health products to better ingredients and nutrition labeling.


  • Pinpoint key marketing and innovation "platforms" that can be employed to entice new product trial. See how they relate to "on-trend" examples.
  • Access a unique blend of consumer and innovation insight to understand how consumer desire for weight management products can be met.
  • Contains examples from across the food, non-alcoholic drinks, alcoholic drinks, personal care, household care, packaging, and foodservice spaces.


  • A large number of consumers are actively trying to lose weight. 49% of consumers are attempting to lose weight, with women more likely to be doing so than men.
  • A highly body-conscious culture is one of the key drivers of the Weight Management sub-trend. 72% of consumers agree that maintaining an "ideal" weight is important to them.
  • Keywords: Weight Management, weight loss, weight gain, health, obesity, portion control, low calorie.


  • To what extent do global consumers seek weight management products and ingredients across the major fast-moving consumer goods sectors and why?
  • What is the Weight Management sub-trend? How does it impact consumers? What will it mean for core product and marketing innovation in your sector?
  • How are brands capitalizing on the Weight Management sub-trend to entice consumers into paying a premium for products and ingredients?
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