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Digital TV Western Europe


The number of pay TV subscribers in Western Europe increased by 1 million in 2012 to 94.1 million, and will climb by another million in 2013, according to a new report from Digital TV Research. This comes despite pay TV subscriptions falling in Italy (down by 482,000) and Spain (down by 350,000) in 2012. Italy and Spain will experience further falls in 2013, but both countries will start to recover in 2015.

However, the Digital TV Western Europe report estimates that pay TV subscriptions in Germany increased by 689,000 in 2012 (prompted partly by analog DTH switch-off) and by 347,000 in France.

The number of pay TV subscribers in the region will top 100 million by 2018 - up by 6.9% since 2012. This comes despite the loss of 15.9 million analog cable subs over the same period. Digital cable will grow by 14.7 million subs and IPTV will climb by 6.5 million. However, pay DTH subs will only increase by 2.5 million. Pay DTT subscriptions will fall by 187,000 to 7.4 million.

Pay TV penetration will be 57% by 2018 for the 15 Western European countries covered in the report, up by only two percentage points on 2012. By 2018, pay TV penetration will range from nearly 100% in the Netherlands to only 24% in Spain. Five countries will exceed 90% pay TV penetration in 2018.

Published in June 2013, this 200-page electronically-delivered report comes in three parts:

  • A 120-page PDF file providing punchy narrative and succinct analysis in the Executive Summary and a digital TV briefing for each of the 18 countries listed below.
  • An excel workbook providing detailed forecasts from 2008 to 2018 for 15 of the countries listed below as well as handy comparative tables for the region (please see next page for line-by-line detail of what is included in the forecasts for each country).
  • An excel workbook providing relevant background data for each country, so that the reader can drill down for detail at operator level.

SwitzerlandUnited Kingdom

* No forecasts for these countries

Apart from extending our forecasts to 2018 and fully updated country profiles, this edition contains profiles for Iceland, Luxembourg and Malta for the first time.

Table of Contents

Forecasts (2008-2018) contain the following detail for each country:

TV householdsDigital cable subsAnalog cable subs
Pay IPTV subscribersPay digital DTH subscribersDigital free DTH households
Analog DTH HouseholdsAnalog terrestrial householdsPrimary FTA DTT households
Primary Pay DTT householdsDigital homesAnalog homes
Pay TV subscribers  
Digital cable subs/TV HH %Analog cable subs/TV HH %Pay IPTV subs/TV HH %
Pay DTH/TV HH %Digital free DTH/TV HH %Analog DTH/TV HH %
Analog terrestrial/TVHH %Primary FTA DTT/TV HH %Primary pay DTT/TV HH %
Digital/TV HH %Analog/TV HH %Pay TV Subs/TV HH %
Stand-alone digital cable subsDual-play digital cable subsTriple-play digital cable subs
Stand-alone pay IPTV subsDual-play pay IPTV subsTriple-play pay IPTV subs
Stand-alone digital cable revsDual-play digital cable TV revenuesTriple-play digital cable TV revenues
Digital cable TV subs revenuesDigital cable TV on-demand revsDigital cable TV revenues
Analog cable TV subs revsCable TV revenues 
Stand-alone IPTV revenuesDual-play IPTV revenuesTriple-play IPTV revenues
IPTV subscription revenuesIPTV on-demand revenuesIPTV revenues
DTH subscription revenuesDTH on-demand revenuesDTH revenues
DTT subscription revsDTT on-demand revenuesDTT revenues
Subscription revenuesOn-demand revenuesTotal revenues
Average Revenue Per User (US$)  
Stand-alone digital cable subsDual-play digital cable TV subsTriple-play digital cable TV subs
Average digital cable (subs & VOD)Analog cable TV subs 
Stand-alone IPARPU TV subsDual-play IPTV subsTriple-play IPTV subs
Average IPTV (subs and VOD)  
Pay DTH (subs)Pay DTH (subs and PPV) 
Pay DTT (subs)Pay DTT (subs and PPV) 
Average monthly ARPU  

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