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World Deepwater Market Forecast 2014-2018

Deepwater Spend Forecast to Surge from 2016 Onwards

Deepwater expenditure is expected to increase by 130%, compared to the preceding five-year period, totalling $260 billion (bn) from 2014 to 2018. As production from mature basins onshore and in shallow water declines, development of deepwater reserves has become increasingly vital. Robust oil prices support investment in deepwater developments - the sustained high oil prices over the past few years have increased confidence in the sector.

Africa and the Americas continue to dominate deepwater capital expenditure (Capex), with $213bn set to be spent over the next five years. Africa is forecast to experience the greatest growth among the three regions, as East African natural gas developments begin production and become more prominent in the latter years of the forecast period. Latin America will remain the largest market and North America is expected to experience the least growth.

Douglas-Westwood (DW) has identified a temporary trough in global expenditure in 2015 primarily driven by delays to delivery of FPS units in Latin America. African projects have also experienced delays resulting in a surge in Capex from 2016 onwards.

DW's 12th edition of the Deepwater Market Forecast covers all key commercial themes relevant to players across the value chain in the deepwater sector:

  • Supply chain - detailing the financing of deepwater developments, contractors, equipment and installations. Includes analysis of contracting strategies (e.g. frame agreements), dayrates, key players and capabilities of each sector within the deepwater market (drilling, FPS and subsea hardware).
  • Key drivers - discussion of factors encouraging deepwater activity - including robust oil & gas prices, deepwater production to offset declining production from onshore and shallow water basins, E&P spend of international operators and Petrobras' activity in Brazil.
  • Regional forecasts - forecast Capex within each region, including examples of notable projects and operators within the region and countries with most activity.
  • Component forecasts - drilling and completion (subsea and surface completed wells), subsea production hardware, SURF and trunklines.

The report also includes:

  • Constraints - the impact of political and regulatory influences and geopolitical disputes on the deepwater market.
  • Local content requirements - includes case studies of key countries.
  • Focus areas - examination of deepwater provinces, including recent discoveries in East Africa.
  • Procurement - factors affecting the decisions facing FPS operators, whether to lease or own vessels and details of major leasing contractors.
  • List of deepwater prospects - includes information on all identified prospects coming onstream from 2014 to 2018 by operator, location, water depth, number of trees and status category.

Table of Contents

1. Summary and Conclusions

  • Summary
  • Conclusions

2. Drivers and Indicators

  • E&P Trends - Spending Activity
  • Viability of Oil & Gas Developments
  • Continued Development of Offshore Reserves
  • Continued Development of Deepwater Reserves
  • Oil Prices
  • Gas Prices
  • Importance of Brazil
  • Current Influences in the Deepwater Market
  • Deepwater Focus Areas

3. Field Development

  • Field Lifecycle
  • Drilling and Completion
  • Field Development Concept Selection
  • Subsea Production Hardware
  • SURF and Trunklines
  • Floating Production Systems (FPS)
  • Vessels

4. The Supply Chain

  • Financing
  • Deepwater Supply Chain - Drilling and FPS
  • Deepwater Supply Chain - Subsea Hardware
  • Deepwater Drilling Fleet
  • Rig Dayrate Analysis
  • Subsea Tree Market Trends
  • FPS Leasing
  • Supply Issues - Local Content and Personnel

5. The Deepwater Market Forecast

  • Introduction
  • Forecasting and Potential Upside
  • Assumptions
  • Methodology
  • The World Deepwater Market - By Region
  • The World Deepwater Market - By Component
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australasia
  • Eastern Europe & FSU
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • North America
  • Western Europe
  • Drilling and Completion: Subsea Completed Wells
  • Drilling and Completion: Surface Completed Wells
  • Subsea Production Hardware
  • SURF
  • Trunklines
  • Floating Production Systems by Region
  • Floating Production Systems by Type

6. Appendix

  • Deepwater Prospects
  • Data and Text Conventions

Tables and Figures

(For a Complete List of Tables and Figures Please Request a Free Sample.)
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