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LEDs Used in Signage & Professional Displays Global Market Forecast

This 2013-2019 market review and forecast is presented for Standard-type versus High Brightness- (HB) type LEDs used in signage and professional displays.

This application category includes covers LEDs that are used in stationary and vehicle-based signs and displays. LEDs are used in building facades, large outdoor video screens, digital billboards, sport/stadium displays, small indoor retail displays, food displays (restaurants/supermarkets), signs on taxis and destination signs on mass-transit vehicles, channel-lettering/light-boxes, LED/LCD display screens (used exclusively for professional display purposes), and the list continues...

High Brightness (HB) light emitting diodes (LEDs), defined by ElectroniCast, are component-level bulbs with a Lumens/Watt rating of 30lm/W and above (>30lm/W); Standard-type LEDs have a Lumen/Watt rating of less than 30lm/W (<30lm/W). The LED market forecast data are segmented by the following functions:

  • Consumption Value (US$, million)
  • Quantity (number/units: Million)
  • Average Selling Prices (ASP $, each)

The forecast for each type, in turn, is segmented into geographical region. The market data are segmented into the following geographic regions, plus a Global summary:

  • American Region
  • EMEA (Europe, Middle Eastern countries, plus Africa)
  • APAC (Asia Pacific)

Below, are four levels (or "food chain") of LEDs. For the purposes of THIS ElectroniCast study, we quantify and provide a market forecast for "Level 2"

  • Level 1 - The chip or die
  • Level 2 - Packaged LED Chips
  • Level 3 - LED array; sign/display module, lamps
  • Level 4 - LED sign, luminaire/fixture or display system

The Asia Pacific region (APAC) region leads in the consumption value of packaged LED chips used in signage and professional displays, followed closely by the American and EMEA region.

According to ElectroniCast Consultants, the worldwide value of LED packaged chips placed in signage/professional display is expected to reach nearly $2 billion in 2014 and the consumption value is forecast to increase at an average annual rate of 11.9% to reach $3.56 billion in 2019. Market demand is climbing for indoor and outdoor signage/displays used in airports, shopping centers, roadways, sport venues, hospitals, hotels, business centers, public transit vehicles and stations and an almost endless list of other applications.


This market study is based on analysis of information obtained through March 2014. ElectroniCast analysts performed interviews with authoritative and representative individuals in the LED lighting product manufacturing, LCD display screen manufacturing, and advertisement, airport and mass transit authorities, transportation/ infrastructure, R&D, display and retail industry, government, and other. The interviews were conducted principally with:

  • Engineers, marketing personnel and management at manufacturers of LEDs (chips, components, display screens and modules, lamps and fixtures), as well as other lighting technologies.
  • Design group leaders, engineers, marketing personnel and market planners at major users and potential users of LED and other lighting.
  • Other industry experts, including those focused on standards activities, trade associations, and investments.

Table of Contents

1. LEDs Used in Signage & Professional Displays - Global Market Forecast

  • 1.1 Executive Summary
  • 1.2 Unpackaged and Packaged LEDs - Overview

2. LEDs Used in Signage and Professional Displays- Forecast By Lumen Efficiencies and Region

3. LEDs - Technology Overview

4. Profile Briefs of LED and Related Companies

5. ElectroniCast Market Research Methodology

6. Definitions and Standards

  • 6.1 Acronyms, Abbreviations, and General Terms
  • 6.2 Lighting Standards and Protocols

7. ElectroniCast Market Forecast Data Base Explanation of Excel-Based Spreadsheets

  • 7.1 Overview
  • 7.2 Tutorial


  • Excel Data Base Spreadsheets (Global Market Forecast)
    • Detailed Data: ASP ($, each); Quantity (Million); Value ($, Million) for all Regions
  • Power Point Market Data Figures (Global Market Forecast)

List of Tables and Figures

Note: The Table of Contents has Been Edited for Brevity. For a Complete List of Tables and Figures Please Request a Free Sample.

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