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Infection Prevention Products & Services to 2015

US demand to rise 5.1% annually through 2015

US demand for infection prevention products and services is forecast to increase 5.1 percent annually to $21.4 billion in 2015. Stepped up efforts by medical providers to reduce the incidence and mortality of health care-associated infections (HAIs) will underlie growth. Hospitals and other health care establishments are adopting stricter standards involving patient and staff hygiene and protection, facility cleaning and disinfection, device and instrument sterilization, and medical waste collection and disposal. Each of these applications will continue to form an attractive, growing niche within the medical supply market.

The need for improved infection prevention strategies also extends to the life sciences sector. Stricter FDA standards for product quality control and quality assurance are forcing pharmaceutical and medical device producers to upgrade and expand sterilization and disinfection systems. Additionally, the increasing use of biotechnology-derived microorganisms in investigative and testing procedures is broadening the infection prevention requirements of life science research and medical diagnostic concerns.

Disinfectants, services to be fastest growing segments

Disinfectants consumed by health care and life science facilities will register demand of nearly $2 billion in 2015, up 4.9 percent annually from 2010. Growth will benefit from stepped up pressures on health care facilities to upgrade staff hygiene and facility disinfection practices to defend against HAIs such as MRSA, VRE and C. diff. Disinfectant use in life science facilities will expand as production systems and research and diagnostic investigations become increasingly complex and more vulnerable to microbial contamination. However, as in the case of protective apparel and textiles, multiple supplier availability and limited pricing flexibility will hold down overall growth opportunities for this product group.

Compliance with stricter infection prevention and control safeguards by the health care and life science communities will create average or better growth opportunities for medical waste disposal supplies. By contrast, the market for sterilization and other infection prevention equipment will expand at a slow pace due to maturing end-use markets, and the increasing availability of used and retrofitted machinery. Demand for infection prevention services will see above average growth based on the convenience, cost efficiency and regulatory compliance advantages offered to health care and life science facilities.

Demand for protective apparel and textiles -- including surgical drapes and gowns, medical and laboratory gloves, face masks and staff apparel, will expand at a below average pace due to trends toward less invasive patient procedures and limited pricing flexibility. The market for safety-enhanced devices, especially IV and urinary catheters and syringes, will grow faster based on stricter OSHA standards aimed at preventing accidental needlesticks and extended health insurance coverage for urinary catheters. Studies indicate that more than half of HAIs and 90 percent of related mortality and nearly all accidental needlesticks could be prevented if hospitals and other health care facilities implemented integrated infection prevention strategies advocated by government and private medical groups.

Study coverage

Details on these and other findings are offered in “Infection Prevention Products & Services”, a new Freedonia industry study which presents historical demand data (2000, 2005, 2010) plus forecasts (2015 and 2020) for infection prevention supplies, equipment and services by type and market. The study also considers market environment factors, evaluates company market share and profiles US industry competitors.

This study can help you:

  • Determine your market & sales potential
  • Learn more about industry competitors
  • Assess new products & technologies
  • Identify firms to merge with or acquire
  • Complement your research & planning
  • Gather data for presentations
  • Confirm your own internal data
  • Make better business decisions

Table of Contents




  • General
  • Economic Factors
  • Demographic Patterns
  • Health Care Trends
    • Health Insurance Coverage
    • Medical Conditions
      • Acute Conditions
      • Chronic Conditions
    • National Health Expenditures
      • Spending Categories
      • Funding Sources
    • Medical Providers
      • Hospitals
      • Physicians & Physicians' Offices
      • Outpatient Facilities
      • Dentists & Dental Offices
      • Other Medical Establishments
    • Patient Activity
      • Hospital Activity
      • Surgical Procedures
      • Outpatient Activity
      • Diagnostic Tests
    • Life Science Markets
      • Life Science Research & Development Expenditures
      • Pharmaceutical Shipments
      • Medical Supply & Device Shipments


  • General
  • Health Care-Associated Infections
    • Urinary Tract Infections
    • Surgical Site Infections
    • Respiratory Infections
    • Blood Infections
    • Skin Infections
    • Other HAIs
    • HAI Costs
  • Regulatory Considerations
  • Historical Demand Patterns
  • US Trade
  • International Markets


  • General
  • Infection Prevention Overview
  • Infection Prevention Supplies
    • Protective Apparel & Textiles
      • Medical & Laboratory Gloves
        • Examination Gloves
        • Surgical Gloves
        • Laboratory Gloves
      • Surgical Drapes
        • Nonwoven Drapes
        • Plastic & Other Surgical Drapes
        • Applications
      • Surgical Gowns
      • Surgical & Staff Face Masks
      • Other Protective Apparel & Textiles
        • Patient Gowns
        • Staff Apparel
        • All Other Apparel & Textiles
  • Safety-Enhanced Medical Devices
    • Catheters
      • Urinary Catheters
      • IV & Other Safety-Enhanced Catheters
    • Safety-Enhanced Syringes
      • Prefillable Syringes
      • Clinical Syringes
    • Blood Collection Tubes
    • Other Safety-Enhanced Devices
      • Surgical Instruments
      • All Other Safety-Enhanced Devices
  • Sterilization Supplies
    • Sterile Containers
      • Trays
      • Pouches
      • Bags
      • Other Sterile Containers
    • Sterilization Wrap
    • Sterilization Indicators
      • Biological Indicators
      • Chemical Indicators
      • Producers
  • Disinfectants
    • Surface Disinfectants
      • Phenolic Disinfectants
      • Quaternary Ammonium Disinfectants
      • Other Surface Disinfectants
    • Surgical Disinfectants
      • Patient Preparations
      • Surgical Scrubs
    • Instrument Disinfectants
      • Enzyme Detergents
      • Peracetic Acid
      • Ortho-Phthalaldehyde (OPA)
      • Glutaraldehyde
      • Other Instrument Disinfectants
    • Hand Sanitizers
      • Alcohol Preparations
      • Chlorhexidine Gluconate
      • Chloroxylenol
      • Other Hand Sanitizers
  • Medical Waste Disposal Products
    • Medical Waste Disposal Containers
    • Medical Waste Disposal Accessories
  • Infection Prevention Equipment
    • Sterilization Equipment
      • Sterilization Technologies
      • Products & Producers
    • Washing/Disinfecting Equipment
    • Other Infection Prevention Equipment
      • Infectious Waste Receptacles
      • Infectous Waste Processing Units
      • All Other Equipment
    • Infection Prevention Services
      • Medical Waste Disposal Services
      • Contract Sterilization Services


  • General
  • Health Care Markets
    • Hospitals
      • Market Overview
      • Infection Prevention Demand
    • Outpatient Facilities
      • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
      • Urgent Care Centers
      • Other Outpatient Facilities
    • Physicians' Offices
    • Dental Offices
    • Nursing Homes
    • Other Health Care Markets
  • Life Science Market
    • Demand by Type
    • Demand by Facility
      • Pharmaceutical Facilities
      • Life Science Research Facilities
      • Medical Supply & Device Facilities
      • Other Facilities


  • General
  • Market Share
  • Competitive Strategies
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Licensing & Related Agreements
  • Marketing & Distribution
  • Manufacturing


  • Ahlstrom Corporation
  • Ansell Limited
  • Bard (CR) Incorporated
  • Becton, Dickinson and Company
  • Bemis Company Incorporated
  • Braun (B.) Melsungen AG
  • Caltech Industries, see Clorox
  • Cantel Medical Corporation
  • Cardinal Health Incorporated
  • CareFusion Corporation
  • Clorox Company
  • Coloplast A/S
  • ConFirm Monitoring Systems, see Cantel Medical
  • Contec Incorporated
  • Covidien plc
  • Crosstex International, see Cantel Medical
  • Danaher Corporation
  • Diversey Holdings Incorporated
  • Ecolab Incorporated
  • Getinge AB
  • GOJO Industries Incorporated
  • Hollister Incorporated
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Kimberly-Clark Corporation
  • Medegen, see CareFusion
  • Medline Industries Incorporated
  • Microtek Medical, see Ecolab
  • Minntech, see Cantel Medical
  • Molnlycke Health Care AB
  • O' Mara Scientific, see Medline Industries
  • Pelton & Crane, see Danaher
  • Purdue Pharma LP
  • Saf-T-Pak, see Cantel Medical
  • Semperit AG Holding
  • Smiths Group plc
  • STERIS Corporation
  • Sybron Dental Specialties, see Danaher
  • Terumo Corporation
  • 3M Company
  • Unilife Corporation
  • Other Companies Mentioned in the Study



  • Summary Table


  • Macroeconomic Indicators
  • Population by Age Group
  • Acute Conditions by Type
  • Chronic Conditions by Type
  • National Health Expenditures by Category
  • National Health Expenditures by Source of Funding
  • Medical Providers by Type
  • Patient Activity by Type
  • Life Science Market Indicators


  • Number of Health Care-Associated Infections by Type
  • Infection Prevention Products & Services Historical Demand Patterns
  • US Trade in Infection Prevention Products
  • World Demand for Infection Prevention Products & Services


  • Infection Prevention Product & Service Demand by Category
  • Infection Prevention Demand By Application
  • Infection Prevention Supplies Demand by Product Group
  • Protective Apparel & Textile Demand by Product Group
  • Medical & Laboratory Glove Demand by Product Group
  • Examination Glove Demand by Type
  • Surgical Glove Demand by Type
  • Laboratory Glove Demand by Type
  • Surgical Drape Demand by Material & Application
  • Surgical Gown Demand by Type
  • Surgical & Staff Face Mask Demand by Type
  • Other Protective Apparel & Textile Demand by Product Group
  • Safety-Enhanced Medical Device Demand by Product Group
  • Safety-Enhanced Catheter Demand by Type
  • Safety-Enhanced Syringe Demand by Type
  • Safety-Enhanced Blood Collection Tube Demand
  • Other Safety-Enhanced Medical Device Demand by Type
  • Sterilization Supplies Demand by Product Group
  • Sterile Container Demand by Type
  • Sterilization Wrap Demand by Type
  • Sterilization Indicator Demand by Type
  • Disinfectant Demand by Product Group
  • Surface Disinfectant Demand by Type & Classification
  • Surgical Disinfectant Demand by Type
  • Instrument Disinfectant Demand by Type
  • Hand Sanitizer Demand by Type & Formulation
  • Medical Waste Disposal Supplies Demand by Group
  • Medical Waste Disposal Container Demand
  • Medical Waste Disposal Accessories Demand by Type
  • Infection Prevention Equipment Demand by Product Group
  • Sterilization Equipment Demand by Type
  • Washing/Disinfecting Equipment Demand
  • Other Infection Prevention Equipment Demand by Type
  • Infection Prevention Services Demand by Type
  • Medical Waste Disposal Services Demand
  • Contract Sterilization Services Demand by Type


  • Infection Prevention Demand by Market
  • Health Care Markets Infection Prevention Demand by Facility
  • Hospital Infection Prevention Demand by Type
  • Outpatient Facility Infection Prevention Demand by Type
  • Physicians' Office Infection Prevention Demand by Type
  • Dental Office Infection Prevention Demand by Type
  • Nursing Home Infection Prevention Demand by Type
  • Other Health Care Markets Infection Prevention Demand by Type
  • Life Science Market Infection Prevention Demand by Type
  • Life Science Market Infection Prevention Demand by Facility


  • Infection Prevention Product Sales by Company, 2010
  • Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures
  • Selected Cooperative Agreements



  • Infection Prevention Supplies Demand by Product Group, 2010


  • Health Care Markets Infection Prevention Demand by Facility, 2010


  • Infection Prevention Products Market Share, 2010
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