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Business Strategy: Rethinking Indonesia's Financial Boom - A Banking Prognosis for 2012 and Beyond

This IDC Financial Insights report investigates the major banking trends in the Indonesian emerging economy, identified by IDC Financial Insight as one of the top 5 "hot" geographical markets in Asia/Pacific banking in 2012.

Sui-Jon Ho, associate market analyst of IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific remarks, "Most of the alleged market precedents in other Asian emerging markets carry little weight when placed in the Indonesian context. In 2012, the ultimate goal for banks is to calibrate channel, risk, decisional, and performance functions under a cohesive architecture that can readily respond to the volatile macroeconomic, competitive, and cultural dynamics unique to the country."

Table of Contents

IDC Financial Insights Opinion

In This Study

Situation Overview

  • Not the Usual Emerging Market

  • Banking Open Season

The Approach

  • The Largest Banks: The Race to Lend

  • Foreign Banks: Push Comes to Shove for Top Spot

  • Midsize Banks: Gearing to Grow

  • Regional Banks: A House Divided

  • The Big Picture: Banking Sector IT Spending

Future Outlook

  • The Rich Get Richer

  • Microfinance Masterclass

  • Money on the Move

  • The Core of SME Banking

Essential Guidance

  • Actions to Consider

    • Actions for Financial Institutions

    • Actions for Vendors

Learn More

  • Related Research

  • Synopsis

Table: Indonesia Sovereign Rating, 2012

Table: Indonesia Rural and Super-Rich Bank Customer Attributes

Table: 2012 IT Directive: The Lowdown for Indonesian Banks

Figure: Asia/Pacific Emerging Markets Foreign and Local Banking Asset Share

Figure: Indonesia Top 10 Banks Loan Management Indicators, 2011

Figure: Indonesia Banking Sector IT Spending by Vertical, 2009-2015

Figure: Indonesia Large Banks' IT Spending Share by Vertical, 2012

Figure: Indonesia Midsize Banks' IT Spending Share by Vertical, 2012

Figure: Indonesia Small Banks' IT Spending Share by Vertical, 2012

Figure: Indonesia Contribution of Deposit Segments to Total Deposits

Figure: Indonesia Poverty Headcount, 2006-2010

Figure: Indonesia Number of Accounts Share per Deposit Segment

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