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Executive Analysis of the European Market for Gasoline Engine Exhaust After-treatment Technologies


This study covers the state of the European gasoline exhaust after treatment technologies market, examining drivers and restraints for growth, pricing, distribution, technology, legislation and demand. Following from these scenario analysis for the different gasoline exhaust after treatment technologies has been performed. In addition an in depth analysis of Original Equipment Manufacturers' positions (OEMs) is performed and revenue potential of the different technologies is also carried out. The base year is 2009 with forecasts running through 2016. The market for gasoline exhaust after treatment systems is explained for the 3 different technologies namely catalytic converter, EGR and PM filters.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Introductory Slides

  • Table of Contents

2. Executive Summary

Global Powertrain Mix

  • Power Train Sales Mix

Market Overview

  • European Market Overview

3. The European Market for Gasoline After Treatment Technologies

Gasoline Exhaust After-treatment Systems - Market Overview with key findings

  • Gasoline Exhaust After-treatment Systems

Gasoline Exhaust After-treatment - Key Industry Challenges Drivers and Restraints

  • Challenges Drivers and retraints

Gasoline Exhaust After-treatment - Technology Overview

  • Key Market Trends

4. The European Market for Gasoline After treatment Technologies - Metrics

Revenue Potential of Gasoline After Treatment Technologies

  • Scenario Analysis

Scenario Analysis of EGR and PM filter Technologies

  • Scenario Analysis

Pricing Analysis of EGR and Catalytic Converter Technologies

  • Pricing Analysis

Analysis by Vehicle Segments

  • Analysis by Segments

5. OEM technology adoption

Technology penetration

  • Technology Adoption by OEM

Market overview

  • European Market Overview

OEM & Supplier Analysis

  • OEM and Supplier Profiling

6. Conclusions and Strategic Recommendations

Key Findings

  • Conclusions and Strategic Recommendations


  • Acronyms and Tables

7. About Frost & Sullivan

About Frost & Sullivan

  • About Frost & Sullivan
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