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Benchmarking Successful IFM Companies in Asia Pacific


This research highlights the analysis of two core benchmarking categories, namely macro indicators and micro indicators, for successful IFM companies in Asia Pacific. The categories are meant to illustrate nine leading IFM companies' performance in Asia Pacific . The benchmarking criteria are built around two categories with fifteen individual indicators. Each category comprises indicators that represent a core foundation for benchmarking the success of IFM companies in the market. An analysis of the Asia Pacific facilities management market is attached in this research to provide a better understanding of the market.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Introduction to the Research Service

  • Overview
  • Executive Summary
  • Market Overview

2. Total FM Market Analysis

FM Market in Asia Pacific

  • Total Market Analysis

3. Overall Competitive Indicators Analysis

Overview of Competitive Indicators

  • Competitive Indicators by Company

4. Macro Indicators Analysis

Overview of Macro Indicators

  • Benchmarking by Macro Indicators

5. Micro Indicators Analysis

Overview of Micro Indicators

  • Benchmarking by Micro Indicators

6. Concluding Remarks


  • Conclusions and Other Information
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