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Indian General Purpose Test Equipment Market


Increasing Demand for Modular and PC-Based Instruments

This study covers the state of the general purpose test equipment market in India, examining drivers and restraints for growth, pricing trends, and end-user behaviors and requirements. Based on such trends, forecasts are made for market growth for each product segment: electronic counters, logic analyzers, network analyzers, spectrum analzyers, power meters, multimeters, oscilloscopes, signal generators, and arbitrary waveform generators. In addition, this research service features a competitive analysis including a market share analysis. The base year is 2011 with forecasts running through 2018.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Market Overview
  • Total General Purpose Test Equipment Market
    • External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints
    • Forecasts and Trends
    • Market Share and Competitive Analysis
  • Oscilloscopes Segment Breakdown
  • Spectrum Analyzers Segment Breakdown
  • Signal Generators Segment Breakdown
  • Network Analyzers Segment Breakdown
  • Logic Analyzers Segment Breakdown
  • Multimeters Segment Breakdown
  • Power Meters Segment Breakdown
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generators Segment Breakdown
  • Electronic Counters Segment Breakdown
  • The Last Word
  • Appendix
  • Decision Support Database
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