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Demand Analysis of the BPO and Contact Centre Market within the South African Financial and Retail Sectors


Identifying Specific Opportunities Within the Two Sectors

The aim of this research service is to strategically analyse the South African business process outsourcing and contact centre market. It provides the current and future size of the market. The forecasts are done over three scenarios, each with differing levels of success in the outcome: high road, middle road, and low road. The assumptions associated with each scenario are also presented. More pertinently, the study analyses the demand dynamics of the market, which encompasses identifying the key end users in the financial and retail sectors and how to understand user requirements and trends. It also provides strategic recommendations for current and future market participants.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

Overview of Executive Summary

  • Introduction to the Executive Summary

2. External Challenges, Total Market Drivers and Restraints

Overview of the External Challenges

  • Introduction to the External Challenges, Total Market Drivers and Restraints

3. Total Market Forecasts and Trends

Overview of the Total Market Forecasts and Trends

  • Introduction to the Total Market Forecasts and Trends

4. Demand Analysis

Overview of the Demand Analysis

  • Introduction to the Demand Analysis

5. Strategic Recommendations and Conclusion

Overview of the Strategic Recommendations

  • Introduction to the Strategic Recommendations

6. The Last Word

Overview of the Last Word

  • Introduction to the Last Word
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