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2012 United States Medical Devices Outlook

Published by Frost & Sullivan
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2012 United States Medical Devices Outlook
Published: July 3, 2012 Content info: 200 Pages


The medical device industry continues to be one of the most vital and dynamic sectors in the United States economy, and it is a leading force in the revolution that is transforming the healthcare system in the United States. However, the industry is undergoing a transition to adapt to new business models that are changing the way care is delivered and paid for in the United States. This study provides an in-depth view of this complex marketplace and the various influencing factors driving not just the overall market, but its specific sectors and sub-sectors as well. This research service covers the current market and examines the factors that will decide what comes next for this industry.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Medical Device Overview

  • Market Overview
    • Market Analysis

2. Mega Trends Discussion

  • Mega Trends Discussion: Medical Devices
    • Medical Device Mega Trends Overview

3. Aesthetic Devices Market

  • Dissusion on the Aesthetic Devices Market
    • Aesthetic Devices Market Overview

4. Audiology Devices Market

  • The Audiology Devices Market
    • Audiology Devices Market Overview

5. Anesthesia-Respiratory Devices Market

  • Disscussion on the Anesthesia-Respiratory Devices Market
    • Anesthesia-Respiratory Devices Market Overview

6. Cardiology Devices Market

  • Discussion on the Cardiology Devices Market
    • Cardiology Devices Market Overview

7. Chronic Care Devices

  • Overview of the Chronic Care Devices Market
    • Chronic Care Devices Market Overview

8. Disinfection and Sterilization Devices Market

  • Disinfection and Sterilization Devices Market Overview
    • Market Discussion: Disinfection and Sterilization Devices

9. Mobility Aid Devices Market

  • Mobility Aids Devices Market Overview
    • Market Discussion: Mobility Aids Devices

10. Neurology Devices Market

  • Overview of the Neurology Devices Market
    • Neurology Devices

11. Oncology Devices Market

  • Oncology Devices Market Overview
    • Oncology Devices

12. Ophthalmology Devices Market

  • Market Overview: Ophthalmology Devices
    • Ophthalmology Devices

13. Orthopedics Devices Market

  • Market Discussion: Orthopedics Devices
    • Orthopedics Devices

14. Robotics and Navigation Devices Market

  • Robotics and Navigation Devices
    • Market Overview: Robotics and Navigation Devices

15. Surgical Devices Market

  • Surgical Devices Market Overview
    • Surgical Devices

16. Urologic/Gynecologic Devices Market

  • Market Overview: Urologic-Gynecologic Devices
    • Urologic-Gynecologic Devices

17. Wound Care Devices Market

  • Market Overview: Wound Care Devices Market
    • Wound Care Devices

18. About Frost & Sullivan

  • Frost & Sullivan
    • What Makes Us Unique
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