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Membrane Technologies Market in Water and Wastewater Treatment in Southeast Asia


This study outlines the relatively new market for membrane technologies and shows us why this market is picking up and experiencing a high growth stage. The benefits of using membrane technologies is examined as well as where the market is headed over the long term is forecasted. Furthermore, a look at pricing, competitive landscape and end-user analysis is provided in this study.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Market Overview

Overview of Water and Wastewater Treatment in Southeast Asia

Overview of Membrane Technologies

  • External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints
  • Forecasts and Trends
  • Demand Analysis
  • Market Share and Competitive Analysis

Microfiltration Segment Breakdown

Ultrafiltration Segment Breakdown

Reverse Osmosis Segment Breakdown

Nanofiltration Segment Breakdown

Case Study: Singapore

The Last Word


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