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Analysis of the Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Market in Western Europe


Diversified Range of Chemicals Fuelled by High End-users Needs

This research service analyses the Western European municipal water and wastewater treatment chemicals market, its current situation, trends and future opportunities. The market is primarily divided into the following two segments: municipal water and municipal wastewater treatment chemicals segment. In addition, the group of chemicals in each segment categorised as: pH conditioners, coagulants, flocculants, disinfectants and general biocidal products, scale and corrosion inhibitors, antifoam and defoaming chemicals, as well as other types of chemicals are analysed.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer

  • Is the market growing, how long will it continue to grow, why, and at what rate?
  • What market drivers and restraints influence the demand for municipal water and wastewater treatment chemicals in Western Europe?
  • How will the structure of the market change with time? Is it ripe for further acquisitions and mergers?
  • What is the market structure and the concentration of competitors? Which is the crucial success factor?
  • What are the present market needs and requirements, and how likely are they to change in the future?
  • Which is the growth potential segment and group of chemicals in the Western European market?
  • What strategic recommendations can be provided to companies operating in or seeking to operate in this market?

Table of Contents

  • 1. Executive Summary
  • 2. Market Overview
  • 3. Total Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Market
    • External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints
    • Forecast and Trends
    • Demand Analysis
    • Market Share and Competitive Analysis
    • Mega Trends and Industry Convergence Implications
  • 4. Segment Breakdown
    • Municipal Water Treatment Chemicals Segment Breakdown
    • Municipal Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Segment Breakdown
  • 5. The Last Word
  • 6. Appendix
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