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siRNA Screening Trends 2012


HTStec's siRNA Screening Trends 2012 report was published on 17 September 2012. This 54 page market report summarizes the results of HTStec's industry-wide global web-based benchmarking survey on siRNA screening carried out in September 2012. The survey was initiated by HTStec as part of its tracking of emerging life science marketplaces and to update our previous report (published October 2010). The questionnaire was compiled to meet the needs, requirements and interests of the siRNA screening vendor community. The main objectives were to comprehensively document current practices and preferences in siRNA screening, and to understand future user requirements. The report is based on 53 responses from University Research Labs, Pharma, Biotech, and Academic Screening Centers in both North America and Europe.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Survey Methodology
  • Organisation & Response of Survey Participants
  • Respondent's Company or Organisational Origin
  • Respondent's Geographic Origin
  • Respondent's Job Role
  • Respondents Currently Undertaking siRNA Screening
  • Respondent's Key siRNA Screening End-User Grouping
  • Current Level of Adoption of siRNA Screening
  • Key Diseases or Research Areas Targeted With siRNA Library Screening
  • Main Application Areas for siRNA Library Screening
  • No of Target Genes Processed Per Typical Large Scale siRNA Screen
  • Final Assay Volume for siRNA Transfection
  • Main siRNA Transfection & Screening Microplate Format Used
  • Microplate Format Most Suited to High Throughput siRNA Screening
  • Summary of Survey Findings (1)
  • siRNA Screening Throughput Achieved and Wanted
  • Main Types or Approaches to siRNA Screening Used
  • Main Readouts of siRNA Primary Screening
  • Use of Different Cell Types in siRNA Research
  • siRNA Delivery (Transfection) Methods Used
  • Electroporation Methods Most Used or Investigated For siRNA Screening
  • Most Used Suppliers of Electroporation Instruments
  • Suppliers Share of Electroporation Instruments Used
  • Source of siRNAs That Makeup Primary Screening Libraries
  • Vendor Compiled siRNA Libraries of Greatest Interest to Respondents
  • Species That the Majority of siRNAs are Directed Against
  • Size of Libraries Investigated in Primary siRNA Screens (1)
  • Size of Libraries Investigated in Primary siRNA Screens (2)
  • Main Limitations in siRNA Library Screening Today
  • Main Hurdles in siRNA Sample Preparation and Liquid Handling
  • Level of Automation Applied to siRNA Screening
  • Most Important Benefits of Applying Automation to siRNA Screening
  • Main Suppliers of siRNA Screening Instrumentation (1)
  • Supplier Share of siRNA Screening Instrumentation Purchased
  • Summary of Survey Findings (2)
  • Cost Per Single Well Investigated by siRNA Screening
  • Level of Interest in Outsourcing siRNA Screening
  • 2012 Budget for siRNA Screening Reagents
  • Breakdown of siRNA Screening Reagents Budget
  • Supplier of siRNA Screening Reagents That First Comes to Mind (1)
  • Supplier of siRNA Screening Reagents That First Comes to Mind (2)
  • Main Suppliers of siRNA Screening Reagents
  • Unmet Needs in siRNA Screening Today
  • siRNA Screening Reagents Market Estimate
  • siRNA Screening Reagents Market Segmentation
  • Breakdown of siRNA Screening Reagents Market Estimate
  • siRNA Screening Reagents Market Component Share
  • siRNA Screening Reagents Market Vendor Share
  • Summary of Survey Findings (3)
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