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What Healthcare Professionals Should Know About ARRA & Electronic Health Records:Technology & Government

This publication has been discontinued on May 2, 2013.



Hypatia Research, LLC interviewed executives and employees at over two dozen organizations involved in healthcare IT in its evaluation of more than 30 vendors and providers of EHR services including:

  • Hospitals using and/or implementing EHR and related medical records software;
  • Providers of EHR software;
  • Professional service firms
  • Healthcare IT consultants
  • Regional data exchange networks.

Primary research included briefings with executives whose job functions encompasses IT, professional services, healthcare consultants, healthcare administrators, project managers, nurses and physicians.

Representative roles included CEO, CIO, Healthcare Standards Committee & Association Members, Healthcare Industry Practice Leader, product management, project management, consultant and IT manager, director, VP and senior management level.

Secondary research was sourced from peer-reviewed journal articles, reports, news updates and government agency publications. Quoted content and secondary source material are indicated in footnotes.

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