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Future Mobile Handsets - 13th edition


In a climate of increasing handset sales but decreasing revenues and margins, the smartphone segment offers the largest returns for many in the mobile value chain. It has therefore become the most competitive segment.


The most trusted source for market sizing, segmentation, analysis, data and forecasts on the mobile handsets market - relied on by decision makers.


The growing penetration of smartphones remains the most significant change in the global handsets market over the forecast period to 2016, helped by their ever-reducing cost. This has had a pronounced impact on the performance of other handset market segments and has created a number of opportunities and challenges across the mobile telecoms value chain for device vendors, component providers, content providers and mobile operators.

Now in its 13th edition, Future Mobile Handsets is the definitive guide to the worldwide handset market and provides an in-depth analysis of mobile handset device trends, key industry issues, market segmentation, advances in hardware technology, and comprehensive market data.

In light of the change in the landscape of the total mobile handsets market, Informa Telecoms & Media has made a number of adjustments to its segmentation. Most notable has been the revision of smartphone segments, moving away from one based on price and form factor to one based on price, technology and hardware, applications and addressable market. The "non-smart" segment has been simplified to just two segments, basic phones and feature phones.

New for this edition are detailed analyses and handset sales by product segments and price tiers reflecting these changes in the industry. Product segments now include a more comprehensive breakdown of smartphones, including the "super-smartphone" category, and detailed analysis of the non-smart segment, taking a looking at software platforms. Each of the five product segments - two non-smart and three smart - is then further segmented by price tiers.

-- NEW FOR 2012 --

The new Future Mobile Handsets Interactive Forecast Tool (IFT) is designed to allow the easy manipulation of all our major handset-sales-volume forecasts. Specifically, it means that the handsets forecasts can be queried, cross-tabulated and charted via a number of differing segmentations and markets. Chief among the metrics used in the IFT are volume sales by region, network technology, product segments (smart and non-smart), price tiers and operating systems.

Case Studies included:

Profiles and SWOT analyses for the mobile handset industry's top 10 vendors.

  • Apple
  • HTC
  • Huawei
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • Nokia
  • RIM
  • Samsung
  • Sony Mobile
  • ZTE

Countries/regions covered:

North America:

  • US
  • Canada

Latin America:

  • Brazil
  • Rest of Latin America

Asia Pacific:

  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Rest of AP developed
  • China
  • India
  • Rest of AP developing


  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • UK
  • Rest of Western Europe
  • Russia
  • Rest of Eastern Europe

Africa/Middle East:

  • Africa
  • Middle East

How will this research help you


Understand how the handset manufacturers are segmenting the market and how this aligns with your customers and markets Analyze which handsets and manufacturers should be an essential part of your portfolio

Handset manufacturers

  • Establish your competitive position through a thorough review of the significant players
  • Align your five-year strategy and sales projections with the latest market estimates

Component and software suppliers

  • Understand the challenges that the handset manufacturers and operators face and ensure your business is aligned
  • Align your long-term sales projections with global estimates
  • Review your research and development strategy with market demand

New report format:

New Report format - designed for sharing - This research is available from our online store either as a hardcopy report or electronic format, featuring a series of PDF, PPT and XLS files, each designed to provide you with business critical intelligence which is easy to share with your colleagues.

Contributing Analysts

  • David McQueen, Principal Analyst, Handsets & Devices
  • Malik Saadi, Principal Analyst, Handsets & Devices
  • Julian Jest, Research Analyst, Handsets & Devices
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