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Cell Therapy - Technologies, Markets and Companies


Cell therapy has applications in a large number of disorders. This report will provide an in-depth analysis of the cell therapy market as well as the technology used to help treat a variety of disorders.

This report describes and evaluates cell therapy technologies and methods, which have already started to play an important role in the practice of medicine. Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation is replacing the old fashioned bone marrow transplants. Role of cells in drug discovery is also described. Cell therapy is bound to become a part of medical practice.

Cell therapy technologies overlap with those of gene therapy, cancer vaccines, drug delivery, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Pharmaceutical applications of stem cells including those in drug discovery are also described. Various types of cells used, methods of preparation and culture, encapsulation and genetic engineering of cells are discussed. Sources of cells, both human and animal (xenotransplantation) are discussed. Methods of delivery of cell therapy range from injections to surgical implantation using special devices.

Cell therapy has applications in a large number of disorders. The most important are diseases of the nervous system and cancer which are the topics for separate chapters. Other applications include cardiac disorders (myocardial infarction and heart failure), diabetes mellitus, diseases of bones and joints, genetic disorders, and wounds of the skin and soft tissues.

Regulatory and ethical issues involving cell therapy are important and are discussed. Current political debate on the use of stem cells from embryonic sources (hESCs) is also presented. Safety is an essential consideration of any new therapy and regulations for cell therapy are those for biological preparations.

The number of companies involved in cell therapy has increased remarkably during the past few years. More than 500 companies have been identified to be involved in cell therapy and 280 of these are profiled in part II of the report along with tabulation of 270 alliances. Of these companies, 154 are involved in stem cells. Profiles of 69 academic institutions in the US involved in cell therapy are also included in part II along with their commercial collaborations. The text is supplemented with 52 Tables and 11 Figures. The bibliography contains 1,050 selected references, which are cited in the text.

Table of Contents

0. Executive Summary 24

1. Introduction to Cell Therapy 28

2. Cell Therapy Technologies 38

3. Stem Cells 76

4. Clinical Applications of Cell Therapy 212

5. Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Disorders 308

6. Cell Therapy for Cancer 354

7. Cell Therapy for Neurological Disorders 394

8. Ethical, Legal and Political Aspects of Cell therapy 498

9. Safety and Regulatory Aspects of Cell Therapy 528

10. Markets and Future Prospects for Cell Therapy 5

11. Companies Involved in Cell Therapy 27

12. Academic Institutions 355

13. References 448

Part I

Tables and Figures

Note: The Table of Contents has Been Edited for Brevity. For a Complete List of Tables and Figures Please Request a Free Sample.

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