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Neuroprotection - Drugs, Markets and Companies

This report describes the role of neuroprotection in acute disorders such as stroke and injuries of the nervous system as well as in chronic diseases such as neurodegenerative disorders because many of the underlying mechanisms of damage to neural tissues are similar in all these conditions and several products are used in more than one disorder. Over 500 products have been investigated for neuroprotective effects including those from the categories of free radical scavengers, anti-excitotoxic agents, apoptosis (programmed cell death) inhibitors, anti-inflammatory agents, neurotrophic factors, metal ion chelators, ion channel modulators and gene therapy. Some of the agents are old established pharmaceuticals whereas others are new biotechnology products.

The report contains a profile of 131 companies that have a neuroprotective product or products along with 112 collaborations. Some of the products in development at academic institutions that do not have a commercial sponsor are also included. Although an up-to-date search of the literature was performed and selected 850 references are included, a considerable amount of information has not been published anywhere else. Clinical trials of various neuroprotective agents are described and failures of trials are analyzed with suggestions for improving the selection of drugs and design of trials.The report is supplemented with 65 tables and 11 figures.

Market analysis of currently used productsthat have a neuroprotective effect are analyzed for the year 2011. Some of these products are approved for other indications but are known to have a neuroprotective effect. With the approval of new products and takeover of markets for obsolete symptomatic therapies, the neuroprotection market value will rise by the year 2016 when it will constitute a major and important component of the CNS market. Forecasts are made until 2021. By that time neuroprotection will be an established part of the neurological practice and measures will be available to achieve this effectively.

Table of Contents

Part I

0. Executive Summary 25

1. Introduction 29

2. Neuroprotective Agents 47

3. Neuroprotection in Cerebrovascular Disease 133

4. Neuroprotection in Traumatic Brain Injury 195

5. Neuroprotection in Spinal Cord Injury 225

6. Neuroprotection in Neurodegenerative Disorders 245

7. Neuroprotection in Parkinson Disease 259

8. Neuroprotection in Alzheimer Disease 293

9. Neuroprotection in Huntington Disease 319

10. Neuroprotection in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 333

11. Neuroprotection in Miscellaneous Neurological Disorders 355

12. Neuroprotection of the Optic nerve and the Retina 421

13. Neuroprotection during Anesthesia and Surgery 441

14. Markets for Neuroprotective Therapies 457

15. References 465

Part II

16. Companies Developing Neuroprotective Therapies 5

Part I

Tables and Figures

Note: The Table of Contents has Been Edited for Brevity. For a Complete List of Tables and Figures Please Request a Free Sample.

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