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Transdermal Drug Delivery - Technologies, Markets, and Companies


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This report deals with transdermal drug delivery - an approach used to deliver drugs through the skin for therapeutic use as an alternative to oral,intravascular, subcutaneous and transmucosal routes. Various transdermal drug delivery technologies are described including the use of suitable formulations, carriers and penetration enhancers. The most commonly used transdermal system is the skin patch using various types of technologies. Nanoparticles as well as the use of physical agents to facilitate transcutaneous drug delivery is described. Microneedle and needleless technologies are also described. Transdermal technologies may be applied for several categories of pharmaceuticals used for the treatment of disorders of the skin or for systemic effect to treat diseases of other organs. Several transdermal products and applications include hormone replacement therapy, contraception, management of pain, angina pectoris, smoking cessation and neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease. The market for transdermal drug delivery is analyzed according to technologies and therapeutic areas from 2011 to 2021. This market is analyzed according to geographical regions as well.

Table of Contents

0. Executive Summary 9

1. Basics of Transdermal Drug Delivery 11

2. Transdermal Drug Delivery Technologies 17

3. Transdermal Therapeutics 69

4. Markets for Transdermal Drug Delivery 127

5. Companies involved in transdermal drug delivery 137

6. References 263

Tables and Figures

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